The Minack Show Archive

Here is a searchable listing of all the shows ever presented on the Minack stage.

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16.08.1932THE TEMPESTWilliam ShakespeareLocal players
09.08.1933TWELFTH NIGHTWilliam ShakespeareLocal Players
13.08.1935GRINGORIEAnonLocal players
12.08.1935THE PLAY OF THE WEATHERJohn HeywoodLocal players
12.08.1935THE JACKDAW OF RHEIMSRichard H BarnonLocal players
16.08.1937ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRAWilliam ShakespeareLocal players
24.07.1939TRISTAN AND ISOLTJohn MasefieldWarwick Players
07.08.1939THE COUNT OF MONTE CHRISTOAlexandra DumasWarwick Players
26.07.1949THE TROJAN WOMENEuripides - trans. Gilbert MurrayPenzance County Grammar Schools
09.08.1951TRISTAN OF CORNWALLNora RadcliffeChiefly Cornish amateur players
26.06.1952EVERYMANAnon.Cornwall Religious Drama Fellowship
03.07.1952THE NETNora RadcliffeChiefly Cornish amateur players
18.08.1952THE TEMPESTWilliam ShakespeareBedford School Dramatic Society
01.06.1953THE ALMOND TREEAveril CockbainCredo Players
16.07.1953ARTHUR OF BRITAINNora RadcliffeLocal players
27.07.1953PROPHESY TO THE WINDNorman NicholsonChiefly Cornish amateur players
17.08.1953KING LEARWilliam ShakespeareArdingly College Drama Club
01.06.1954THOR WITH ANGELSChristopher FryCornwall Religious Drama Fellowship
13.07.1954CONCERTMixed programmeMousehole Male Voice Choir
20.07.1954TOBIAS AND THE ANGELJames BridieWest Cornwall Theatre Group
27.07.1954IPHIGENIA IN TAURISEuripides - trans. Gilbert MurrayPenzance County School for Girls
09.08.1954A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAMWilliam ShakespeareArdingly College Drama Club
16.08.1954BALLETMixed programmeBallets Minerva
24.08.1954NOAHAndre ObeyStoniford Players
18.07.1955MACBETHWilliam ShakespeareWest Cornwall Theatre Group
23.08.1955ST. URSULAJohn PurdhoeCornwall Religious Drama Fellowship
01.07.1956THE FIRST BORNChristopher FryCornwall Religious Drama Fellowship
23.07.1956JULIUS CAESARWilliam ShakespeareWest Cornwall Theatre Group
15.08.1956THE LOGAN ROCKInglis GundryCornwall Opera Group
24.06.1957THE BOY WITH A CARTChristopher FryCornwall Religious Drama Fellowship
23.07.1957THE TAMED FALCONNora RadcliffeWest Cornwall Theatre Group
12.08.1957TWELFTH NIGHTWilliam ShakespeareBristol Youth Theatre
23.06.1958THE MARVELLOUS HISTORY OF ST BERNARDHenri Gheon - trans. Sir Barry JacksonCornwall Religious Drama Fellowship
14.07.1958COME UNTO THESE YELLOW SANDSTriple BillPriory Players, Bristol
21.07.1958THE TAMING OF THE SHREWWilliam ShakespeareWest Cornwall Theatre Group
11.08.1958RICHARD IIWilliam ShakespeareArdingly College Drama Club
22.08.1958THE VIRGIN GODDESSRudolph BesierBristol Youth Company
10.08.1959HENRY IV (Part I)William ShakespeareArdingly College Drama Club
23.06.1959NOAHAndré Obey - trans. Arthur WilmurtCornwall Religious Drama Fellowship
21.07.1959ANTIGONEJean AnouithStoniford Players
27.07.1959CEASAR AND CLEOPATRAGeorge Bernard ShawWest Cornwall Theatre Group
17.08.1959OTHELLOWilliam ShakespeareGloucertershire County Theatre Club
27.06.1960THE COMEDIANHenri Gheon - trans. Alan BlandCornwall Religious Drama Fellowship
04.07.1960KING LEARWilliam ShakespeareLincoln Players, Oxford
18.07.1960THE WINTER’S TALEWilliam ShakespeareWest Cornwall Theatre Group
25.07.1960THE LADY’S NOT FOR BURNINGChristopher FryPenzance Playgoers Theatre Club
08.08.1960A PHOENIX TOO FREQUENTChristopher FryPriory Players, Bristol
15.08.1960BALLETMixed programmeBallets Minerva
22.08.1960THE TAMING OF THE SHREWWilliam ShakespeareCambridge University Players
26.06.1961BALLETMixed programmeBallets Minerva
24.07.1961MARY STUARTFriedrich SchillerWest Cornwall Theatre Group
25.08.1961MEASURE FOR MEASUREWilliam ShakespeareCambridge University Players
04.09.1961LOVE’S LABOURS LOSTWilliam ShakespeareArdingly College Drama Club
02.07.1962A PENNY FOR A SONGJohn WhitingBuskins Oxford
09.07.1962BALLETMixed programmeBallets Minerva
14.07.1962ST. JOANGeorge Bernard ShawNottingham University Theatre Co
23.07.1962HAMLETWilliam ShakespeareWest Cornwall Theatre Group
30.07.1962BEAUTY AND THE BEASTNicholas Stuart GrayPenzance Playgoers Theatre Club
13.08.1962THE YOUNG ELIZABETHJeanette Dowling & Francis LettonPenzance Young Playgoers
20.08.1962THE RAPE OF THE BELTBenn W LevyPriory Players, Bristol
27.08.1962AS YOU LIKE ITWilliam ShakespeareCambridge University Players
03.09.1962ELECTRASophoclesStudio Theatre Club
10.09.1962COMUS - A MASQUEJohn MiltonGuildhall School of Music & Drama
10.06.1963BALLETMixed programmeBallets Minerva
12.07.1963ROMEO AND JULIETWilliam ShakespeareOxford University Players
22.07.1963THE FIRSTBORNChristopher FryWest Cornwall Theatre Group
29.07.1963ADVENTURE STORYTerence RattiganPenzance Playgoers Theatre Club
19.08.1963THE TEMPESTWilliam ShakespeareCity Literary Inst. Shakespeare Players
27.08.1963A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAMWilliam ShakespeareCambridge University Players
02.09.1963CYMBELINEWilliam ShakespeareStudio Theatre Club
08.09.1963CONCERTMixed programmeMousehole Male Voice Choir
30.06.1964TAMBERLINE THE GREAT (Part I)Christopher  MarlowFletcher Players
06.07.1964LADIES DAYAristophanes - trans. Dudley FittsOxford University Players
13.07.1964KING LEARWilliam ShakespeareNottingham University Dramatic Society
20.07.1964TWELFTH NIGHTWilliam ShakespeareWest Cornwall Theatre Group
27.07.1964THE MERCHANT OF VENICEWilliam ShakespeareInterluders, Hertfordshire
03.08.1964DARK OF THE MOONHoward Richardson & William BerneyLeicester Drama Society
10.08.1964MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHINGWilliam ShakespearePenzance Playgoers Theatre Club
17.08.1964ONDINEJean Giraudoux - adpt. Maurice ValencyPriory Players, Bristol
24.08.1964THE WINTER’S TALEWilliam ShakespeareCambridge University Players
31.08.1964MACBETHWilliam ShakespeareShakespeare Players
07.09.1964A MAN FOR ALL SEASONSRobert BoltAldenham School Dramatic Society
28.06.1965AS YOU LIKE ITWilliam ShakespeareTrinity Players, Oxford
05.07.1965TOAD OF TOAD HALLKenneth GrahameFletcher Players
12.07.1965ALICE IN WONDERLANDLewis Carroll - adpt. A BenjaminUniversity & Christchurch Dramatic Society
19.07.1965CORIOLANUSWilliam ShakespeareProspice Players, Kingston upon Hull
26.07.1965AMPHYTRIONJohn DrydenLeicester Drama Society
02.08.1965A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAMWilliam ShakespeareWest Cornwall Theatre Group
09.08.1965PEER GYNTIbsen - trans. Michael MeyerInterluders, Hertfordshire
16.08.1965COCK-A-DOODLE DANDYSean O’CaseyPenzance Playgoers Theatre Club
23.08.1965KING LEARWilliam ShakespeareCambridge University Players
30.08.1965THE DEVIL’S DISCIPLEGeorge Bernard ShawMountview Theatre Club
06.09.1965THE TAMING OF THE SHREWWilliam ShakespeareAldenham School Dramatic Society
27.06.1966THE RELAPSESir John VanbrughFletcher Players
04.07.1966TEAHOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOONJohn PatrickSouthampton University Theatre Group
11.07.1966RICHARD IIWilliam ShakespeareOxford Drama Group
18.07.1966ASSAULT AT ARMS LENGTHAlfredo Balducci - trans. Hugh Barty-KingPenzance Playgoers Theatre Club
25.07.1966TOAD OF TOAD HALLKenneth Grahame - adpt. A A MilneLeicester Drama Society
01.08.1966THE RIVALSRichard Brindley SheridanWest Cornwall Theatre Group
08.08.1966THE MIRACLE WORKERWilliam GibsonPriory Players, Bristol
15.08.1966TIGER AT THE GATESJean Giraudoux - trans. Christopher FryInterluders, Hertfordshire
22.08.1966HENRY IV (Part I)William ShakespeareCambridge University Players
29.08.1966WUTHERING HEIGHTSEmily Bronte - adpt. Mary PackingtonLiverpool University Dramatic Society
26.06.1967TWELFTH NIGHTWilliam ShakespeareCorpus Fletcher Players
03.07.1967MEASURE FOR MEASUREWilliam ShakespeareTrinity Players, Oxford
10.07.1967THE MURDER OF MARIA MARTENBrian J BurtonComedy Club of London
17.07.1967THE LARKJean Anouilh - trans. Christopher FryPenzance Playgoers Theatre Club
24.07.1967THE HOSTAGEBrendan BehanLeicester Drama Society
31.07.1967THE MERCHANT OF VENICEWilliam ShakespeareWest Cornwall Theatre Group
07.08.1967RING AROUND THE MOONJean Anouilh - trans. Christopher FryPriory Players, Bristol
14.08.1967PHAEDRAJean Racine - trans. Robert LowellQuestors Theatre Company
21.08.1967DOCTOR FAUSTUSChristopher MarlowInterluders, Hertfordshire
28.08.1967A MAN FOR ALL SEASONSRobert BoltCambridge University Players
04.09.1967MURDER IN THE CATHEDRALT S ElliotKelly College Dramatic Society
07.09.1967WEST SIDE STORYLeonard BernsteinNational Association of Boys Clubs
24.06.1968THE BEGGAR’S OPERAJohn GayCorpus Fletcher Players
02.07.1968THE SHOEMAKER’S HOLIDAYThomas DekkerBristol Old Vic Theatre School
08.07.19681066 AND ALL THATSellar & YeatmanSouthampton University Theatre Group
15.07.1968RICHARD IIWilliam ShakespearePenzance Playgoers Theatre Club
22.07.1968THE CRUCIBLEArthur MillerGatehouse Theatre Club
29.07.1968THE LARKJean Anouilh - trans. Christopher FryMountview Theatre Club
05.08.1968CURTMANTLEChristopher FryWest Cornwall Theatre Group
12.08.1968UNDER MILK WOODDylan ThomasNorthcott Theatre
19.08.1968OLIVER!Lionel BartBestwood Youth Club
26.08.1968A PENNY FOR A SONGJohn WhitingCambridge University Players
02.09.1968AND SO TO BEDJ B FaginPriory Players, Bristol
16.06.1969BALLETMixed programmeBallets Minerva
18.06.1969THE LION IN WINTERJames GoldmanMountview Theatre Club
30.06.1969THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTORNikolai Gogol - trans. Philip WaltersCorpus Fletcher Players
07.07.1969THE RECRUITING OFFICERGeorge FarquharLeicester Drama Society
14.07.1969TOM JONESHenry Fielding - adpt. Joan MacalpineComedy Club of London
21.07.1969OH! WHAT A LOVELY WARCharles Chiltern & Theatre WorkshopNorthcott Theatre
28.07.1969TOBIAS AND THE ANGELJames BridiePenzance Playgoers Theatre Club
04.08.1969THE THRACIAN HORSESM J ValencyWest Cornwall Theatre Group
11.08.1969RICHARD IIIWilliam ShakespeareInterluders, Hertfordshire
18.08.1969THE COMEDY OF ERRORSWilliam ShakespeareQuestors Theatre Company
25.08.1969TROILUS AND CRESSIDAWilliam ShakespeareCambridge University Players
01.09.1969THE ROSE WITHOUT A THORNClifford BaxGatehouse Theatre Club
22.06.1970TWELFTH NIGHTWilliam ShakespeareTraverse Players
29.06.1970TIGER AT THE GATESJean Giraudoux - trans. Christopher FryBBC Ariel Theatre Group
06.07.1970SOUTH PACIFICRogers and HammersteinBairnswear Players
13.07.1970THE ADMIRABLE CRICHTONJames BarrieCentre ’69
20.07.1970OLD TIME MUSIC HALLMixed programmeLeicester Drama Society
27.07.1970A MAN FOR ALL SEASONSRobert BoldNorthcott Theatre
03.08.1970MACBETHWilliam ShakespeareWest Cornwall Theatre Group
10.08.1970DARK OF THE MOONHoward Richardson & William BerneyMountview Theatre Club
17.08.1970YOU NEVER CAN TELLGeorge Bernard ShawPriory Players, Bristol
24.08.1970THE CAUCASIAN CHALK CIRCLEBertolt BrechtCambridge University Players
31.08.1970BALLETMixed programmeBallets Minerva
06.09.1970CONCERTMixed programmeSt Buryan Male Voice Choir
28.06.1971CHARLEY’S AUNTBrandon ThomasFletcher Players
05.07.1971LASS WI’THE MUCKLE MOU’Alexander ReidGreenock Players
12.07.1971THE DRUNKARDBrian BurtonComedy Club of London
19.07.1971DRACULABram Stoker - adpt. H Dean & J J BalderstonBBC Ariel Theatre Group
26.07.1971THE FAIR MAID OF THE WESTThomas HeywoodNorthcott Theatre
01.08.1971CONCERTMixed programmeSt Buryan Male Voice Choir
02.08.1971THE NETNora RadcliffeWest Cornwall Theatre Group
09.08.1971THE INSECT PLAYKarel & Joseph CapekCentre ’69
16.08.1971THE ITALIAN GIRLIris Murdoch & James SaundersQuestors Theatre Company
23.08.1971’TIS PITY SHE’S A WHOREJohn FordGatehouse Theatre Club
30.08.1971AN ITALIAN STRAW HATLabiche & Michel - adpt. WaltonTraverse Players
26.06.1972THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSORWilliam ShakespeareFletcher Players
03.07.1972DARK TOWER AND SHALL WE JOIN THE LADIESMacNeice and J M BarrieTrent Park College
10.07.1972MOTHER COURAGEBertolt BrechtMountview Theatre Club
17.07.1972PYGMALIONGeorge Bernard ShawWest Cornwall Arts Centre
24.07.1972GIANTS AT PLAYWest Cornwall Legends & MythsNorthcott Theatre
30.07.1972CONCERTMixed programmeSt Buryan Male Voice Choir
31.07.1972AS YOU LIKE ITWilliam ShakespeareWest Cornwall Theatre Group
07.08.1972INHERIT THE WINDJerome Lawrence & Robert E LeeLeicester Drama Society
14.08.1972SWEENEY TODDGeorge Dibden PittHertfordshire Players
21.08.1972PERICLES, PRINCE OF TYREWilliam ShakespeareCambridge University Players
28.08.1972THE CRUCIBLEArthur MillerPriory Players, Bristol
04.09.1972INDIANSArthur CopitSouthampton University Theatre Group
11.09.1972SON ET LUMIERE - The Four SeasonsMinack Theatre production
25.06.1973WANHOPE AND JOLLITY - or The World's Beginning and its EndCycle of Miracle playsFletcher Players
02.07.1973PILGRIMS PROGRESSJohn BunyanMedium Fair
09.07.1973RING AROUND THE MOONJean Anouilh - adap. Christopher FryComedy Club of London
16.07.1973A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAMWilliam ShakespeareWest Cornwall Arts Centre
23.07.1973WHISKEY GALORECompton Mackenzie & James ScotlandGreenock Players
29.07.1973CONCERTMixed programmeSt Buryan Male Voice Choir
30.07.1973OUR TOWNThornton WilderWest Cornwall Theatre Group
06.08.1973RELATIVELY SPEAKINGAlan AykebournQuestors Theatre Company
13.08.1973ABELARD AND HELOISERonald MillarGatehouse Theatre Club
20.08.1973LOVE’S LABOURS LOSTWilliam ShakespeareRichmond Shakespeare Society
27.08.1973GALILEOBertolt BrechtCambridge University Players
03.09.1973THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNESTOscar WildeCloister Players
19.09.1973UNDER MILK WOOD(Son et Lumiere)Fadesound production
24.06.1974THE RIVALSRichard Brindley SheridanTraverse Players
01.07.1974HAMLETHSaxo-GrammaticusMedium Fair
08.07.1974SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR Luigi Pirandello - trans. May
15.07.1974BLACK-EY’D SUSAN or MY POL OF PLYMOUTHDouglas JerroldNorthcott Theatre
21.07.1974CONCERTMixed programmeSt Buryan Male Voice Choir
22.07.1974KING LEARWilliam ShakespeareWest Cornwall Theatre Group
29.07.1974THE SKIN OF OUR TEETHThornton WilderLeicester Drama Society
05.08.1974LADY PRECIOUS STREAMSihsiungMountview Theatre Club
12.08.1974THE PIRATES OF PENZANCEW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
19.08.1974THE VISITFriedrich DuerrenattHertfordshire Players
26.08.1974ROMEO AND JULIETWilliam ShakespeareCloister Players
02.09.1974THE RAPE OF THE BELTBen LevyLincoln Phoenix Players
09.09.1974TIME REMEMBEREDJean AnouilhGatehouse Theatre Club
23.06.1975THE LEGENDS OF KING ARTHURCompany adaptationExeter University Drama Dept.
30.06.1975OTHELLOWilliam ShakespeareGrange Drama
07.07.1975THE HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBAFrederico Garcia LorcaWest Cornwall Arts Centre
14.07.1975THE ROYAL PARDONJohn Arden & Margaretta D’ArcyComedy Club of London
20.07.1975MERRIE ENGLAND - CONCERT VERSIONEdward GermanSt Just Operatic Society
21.07.1975BECKETTJean AnouilhWest Cornwall Theatre Group
28.07.1975THE WINTER’S TALEWilliam ShakespeareIlkley Players
04.08.1975THE ROYAL HUNT OF THE SUNPeter ShafferGatehouse Theatre Club
11.08.1975THE RECRUITING OFFICERGeorge FarquharCambridge University Players
18.08.1975H M S PINAFOREW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
25.08.1975VIVAT VIVAT REGINA!Robert BoltTavistock Repertory Company
01.09.1975WAR AND PEACELeo Tolstoy (Neumann, Piscator & Prufer)Eynsford Theatre Players
21.06.1976THE MURDER OF MARIA MARTENCompany adaptationFletcher Players
22.06.1976CONCERT OF MADRIGALSMixed programmeSt Andrews University Madrigal Group
28.06.1976THE LION IN WINTERJames GoldmanPhoenix Theatre Club, London
05.07.1976THE COUNTRY WIFEWilliam WycherleyTavistock Repertory Company
12.07.1976THE TEMPESTWilliam ShakespeareWest Cornwall Arts Centre
19.07.1976THE MIKADOW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
26.07.1976THE YELLOW JACKETGeorge C Hazelton & BenrinoLeicester Drama Society
01.08.1976CONCERTMixed programmeSt Buryan Male Voice Choir
02.08.1976THE TAMING OF THE SHREWWilliam ShakespeareWest Cornwall Theatre Group
09.08.1976ALICE IN WONDERLANDLewis Carroll - adpt. Mervyn LloydHertfordshire Players
16.08.1976CYMBELINEWilliam ShakespeareCambridge University Players
23.08.1976THE LARKJean Anouilh - trans. Christopher FryQuestors Theatre Company
30.08.1976TARTUFFEMoliere - trans. WilburGrange Drama
20.06.1977AMPHITRYON 38Jean GiraudouxNewport Playgoers
04.07.1977HADRIAN THE SEVENTHPeter LukeTheatre ’77
11.07.1977MERRIE ENGLANDEdward GermanSt Just Operatic Society
18.07.1977THE YOUNG ELIZABETHJeanette Dowling & Francis LettonComedy Club of London
25.07.1977A MAN FOR ALL SEASONSRobert BoltWest Cornwall Theatre Group
27.07.1977TWELFTH NIGHTWilliam ShakespeareFalmouth Workshop
01.08.1977PEER GYNTIbsen - trans. James KirkupIlkley Players
08.08.1977THE BEAUX STRATAGEMGeorge FarquharGatehouse Theatre Club
17.08.1977TOM JONESHenry Fielding - adpt. Joan MacalpineTavistock Repertory Company
22.08.1977THE GONDOLIERSW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
29.08.1977HASSANJames Elroy FleckerNeptune Players
21.06.1978THE HANS ANDERSON FESTIVALCompany adaptationWest Cornwall Arts Centre
03.07.1978SHE STOOPS TO CONQUEROliver GoldsmithBurnt Ash Drama Association
10.07.1978THE PIRATES OF PENZANCEW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
17.07.1978THE COMEDY OF ERRORSWilliam ShakespeareWoodlands Theatre Company
23.07.1978CONCERTMixed programmeSt Buryan Male Voice Choir
24.07.1978CONDUCT UNBECOMINGBarry EnglandWest Cornwall Theatre Group
31.07.1978ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRAWilliam ShakespeareRichmond Shakespeare Society
07.08.1978A PENNY FOR A SONGJohn WhitingQuestors Theatre Company
14.08.1978SERGEANT MUSGRAVE’S DANCEJohn ArdenCambridge University Players
21.08.1978CANTERBURY TALESChaucer - adpt. Jeremy SeckerHertfordshire Players
28.08.1978LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERSHenry Fielding - adpt. Bernard MilesA30 Players
25.06.1979BROTHER DUSTY FEETRosemary SutcliffeWoodlands Theatre Company
02.07.1979THE ROSES OF EYAMDon TaylorSouthgate Literary Society
09.07.1979OTHELLOWilliam ShakespeareFalmouth Workshop
16.07.1979AN ITALIAN STRAW HATEugene Labiche & Marc MichelComedy Club of London
23.07.1979TREASURE ISLANDRobert Louis Stevenson - adpt. Bernard MilesLeicester Drama Society
29.07.1979SONGS FROM THE SHOWSMixed programmeSt Just Operatic Society
30.07.1979ROMEO AND JULIETWilliam ShakespeareWest Cornwall Theatre Group
06.08.1979CAMELOTLerner & LoeweIlkley Players
13.08.1979TRELAWNEY OF THE WELLSArthur Wing PineroTavistock Repertory Company
20.08.1979BARTHOLOMEW FAIRBen JohnsonGrange Drama
27.08.1979THE MERCHANT OF VENICEWilliam ShakespeareGuildbury Productions
03.09.1979RUDDIGOREW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
23.06.1980A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAMWilliam ShakespeareBurnt Ash Drama Association
30.06.1980THE JEW OF MALTAChristopher MarlowWoodlands Theatre Company
07.07.1980THE YEOMAN OF THE GUARDW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanSt Just Operatic Society
14.07.1980RING AROUND THE MOONJean Anouilh - adap. Christopher FryNewport Playgoers
21.07.1980MACBETHWilliam ShakespeareQuestors Theatre Company
27.07.1980CONCERTMixed programmeSt Buryan Male Voice Choir
28.07.1980THIEVES CARNIVALJean AnouilhWest Cornwall Theatre Group
04.08.1980THE THWARTING OF BARON BOLLIGREWRobert BoltHertfordshire Players
11.08.1980THE COMEDY OF ERRORSWilliam ShakespeareCambridge University Players
18.08.1980MARY STUARTFriedrich Schiller - trans. SpenderGatehouse Theatre Club
25.08.1980CYRANO DE BERGERACEdmond RosstandOxford Buskins
01.09.1980KISS ME KATECole PorterCambridge Light Opera
22.06.1981TOAD OF TOAD HALLKenneth Grahame - adpt. A A MilneComedy Club of London
29.06.1981THE ROYAL HUNT OF THE SUNPeter ShafferFletcher Players
06.07.1981THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSORWilliam ShakespeareGrange Drama
13.07.1981HORSEPLAY WITH HELENDavid DearloveWest Cornwall Arts Centre
20.07.1981CEASAR AND CLEOPATRAGeorge Bernard ShawAvon Neptune Players
26.07.1981CONCERTMixed programmePenzance Youth Wind Band
27.07.1981HAMLETWilliam ShakespeareWest Cornwall Theatre Group
03.08.1981COMEDY OF ERRORS - Musical versionWilliam Shakespeare  Music Guy WoolfendMasque Players of Surrey
10.08.1981THE MAN OF MODESir George EtheregeTavistock Repertory Company
17.08.1981PATIENCEW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
24.08.1981UNDER MILK WOODDylan ThomasPhoenix Players, Lincoln
31.08.1981THE COUNTRY WIFEWilliam WycherleyDrama Workshop of Waltham Forest
09.04.1982GODSPELLJohn-Michael Tebelak & S SchwartzBYT Touring Productions
12.06.1982KING ARTHURJohn Robert KingShiva Schools Productions
28.06.1982THE SERVANT OF TWO MASTERSCarlo Gondini - adpt. D Turner & P LapworthNewport Playgoers
05.07.1982IOLANTHEW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
12.07.1982TWELFTH NIGHTWilliam ShakespeareQuestors Theatre Company
19.07.1982TRISTAN OF CORNWALLNora RadcliffeWest Cornwall Theatre Group
26.07.1982HELLO DOLLYMichael Stewart & Jerry HarmanIlkley Players
02.08.1982DARK OF THE MOONRichardson & BerneyHertfordshire Players
09.08.1982LARK RISEFlora Thompson - adpt. K DewhurstCambridge University Players
16.08.1982THE TEMPESTWilliam ShakespeareWoodlands Theatre Company
23.08.1982HOTEL PARADISOGeorges Feydeau - adpt. P GlenvilleComedy Club of London
30.08.1982RICHARD OF BORDEAUXGordon DaviotGatehouse Theatre Club
06.09.1982PURCELL’S OPERA - KING ARTHURPurcell & DrydenFletcher Opera Company
01.04.1983THE PASSIONJohn Russell Brown & Jack ShepardNorth Wood Morris
20.05.1983MY FAIR LADYLerner & LoweSt Just Operatic Society
08.06.1983THE FANTASTIC FAIRGROUNDGoss, Bond & Hammel CookeShiva Theatre
13.06.1983PERICLES, PRINCE OF TYREWilliam ShakespeareBirmingham School of Speech & Drama
20.06.1983THE CRUCIBLEArthur MillerJubilee Productions
27.06.1983LONDON ASSURANCEDion BoucicaultBurnt Ash Drama Association
04.07.1983ANTIGONEJean Anouilh - trans. Lewis GalantiereDrama Workshop of Waltham Forest
11.07.1983DAVID COPPERFIELDCharles Dickens - adpt. John SouthworthLeicester Drama Society
18.07.1983ABELARD AND HELOISERonald MillarGrange Drama
25.07.1983BY JUPITERRodgers & HartLake Worth Playhouse, Florida
01.08.1983MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHINGWilliam ShakespeareWest Cornwall Theatre Group
08.08.1983SIR GAWAIN AND THE GREEN KNIGHTPeter StevensQuestors Theatre Company
15.08.1983ROMANOFF AND JULIETPeter UstinovAvon Neptune Players
22.08.1983THE MAGIC FLUTEWolfgang Amadeus MozartBeaufort Opera
29.08.1983H M S PINAFOREW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
05.09.1983THE LADY’S NOT FOR BURNINGChristopher FryTavistock Repertory Company
12.09.1983MERYASEKCornish Medieval Saints playShiva Theatre
20.04.1984JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTARTim Rice & Andrew Lloyd WebberBYT Touring Productions
26.05.1984ANDROCLES AND THE LIONGeorge Bernard ShawDrama Workshop of Waltham Forest
04.06.1984THE LION, THE WITCH & THE WARDROBEC S Lewis - adpt. A PlenderleithShiva School Productions
11.06.1984LADY WINDERMERE’S FANOscar WildePhoenix Theatre
18.06.1984RASHOMONFay & Michael KaninCytringan Players
25.06.1984HIAWATHALongfellow - adpt. M BogdanovBirmingham School of Speech & Drama
02.07.1984THE BOYFRIENDSandy WilsonAmanda Two Summer Productions
09.07.1984THE TAMING OF THE SHREWWilliam ShakespeareWoodlands Theatre Company
16.07.1984THE CORSICAN BROTHERSAlexandra Dumas - adpt. BowenComedy Club of London
23.07.1984JAMAICA INNDaphne du MaurierWest Cornwall Theatre Group
30.07.1984THE CHANGELINGMiddleton & RowleyCambridge University Players
06.08.1984CANTERBURY TALESChaucer - adpt. M Starkie & N CoghillIlkley Players
13.08.1984THE RIVALSRichard Brindsley SheridanGatehouse Theatre Club
20.08.1984A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM Shevlove, Gelbard and SondheimNewport Playgoers
27.08.1984NICHOLAS NICKELBYCharles Dickens - adpt. David EdgarHertfordshire Players
03.09.1984AS YOU LIKE ITWilliam ShakespeareCygnet Training Theatre
10.09.1984THE MIKADOW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
05.04.1985THE WORD AND THE FLESHAlice WilliamsPhoenix Theatre
25.05.1985THE COARSE ACTING SHOWMichael GreenWest Cornwall Theatre Group
03.06.1985THE HOBBITTolkien - adpt. Robinson & WatkinsShiva Schools Productions
17.06.1985THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAMEVictor Hugo - adpt. Kevin CooperNew Grange Players
24.06.1985SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERSMercer & de PaulBirmingham School of Speech & Drama
01.07.1985THE LION IN WINTERJames GoldmanRomsey  A O D S
08.07.1985THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTORNicolai Gogol - trans. C GarnettLeicester Drama Society
15.07.1985THE GONDOLIERSWS Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
22.07.1985THE ADMIRABLE CRICHTONJ M BarrieAbbots Company
29.07.1985CARMENGeorges BizetBeaufort Opera
05.08.1985CHARLEY’S AUNTBrandon ThomasTaverstock Repertory Company
12.08.1985ANDORAMax Frisch - trans. M BullockAvon Neptune Players
19.08.1985FIDDLER ON THE ROOFStein, Bock & HarnickLyonesse Theatre Group
26.08.1985ON THE RAZZLETom StoppardBurnt Ash Drama Association
02.09.1985TOM JONESHenry Fielding - adpt Joan MacalpineQuestors Theatre Company
09.09.1985SON ET LUMIEREMinack Theatre Society ProductionMinack Theatre production
24.05.1986A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAMWilliam ShakespeareGatehouse Theatre Club
02.06.1986THE WIND IN THE WILLOWSKenneth Grahame - adpt. Pauline SheppardShiva Schools Production
16.06.1986HOBSON’S CHOICEHarold BrighousePhoenix Theatre
23.06.1986HELEN AND MEDEAEuripides - trans. Philip VellacottCroxley Wood Theatre Club
30.06.1986THE PIRATES OF PENZANCEW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanBirmingham School of Speech & Drama
07.07.1986WILD OATSJohn O’KeefeTavistock Repertory Company
14.07.1986JULIUS CEASARWilliam ShakespeareRichmond Shakespeare Society
21.07.1986ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLDJaques OffenbachCambridge University G & S Society
28.07.1986MARIA MARTENBrian BurtonWest Cornwall Theatre Group
04.08.1986AMADEUSPeter ShafferShiva Theatre
11.08.1986DRACULA, THE UNDEADBram Stoker - adpt. LichheadHertfordshire Players
18.08.1986ROSENCRANTZ & GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD Tom StoppardDrama Workshop of Waltham Forest
25.08.1986CAROUSELRodgers & HammersteinIlkley Players
01.09.1986THE ALCHEMISTBen JohnsonCambridge University Players
08.09.1986ROBIN HOODDavid Wood, Dave & Toni ArthurNorth Wood Morris
23.04.1987ARCWest Kent Youth Theatre
23.05.1987KING LEARWilliam ShakespeareNewport Playgoers
01.06.1987ALICE IN WONDERLANDLewis Carroll - adpt. Pauline SheppardShiva Schools Productions
15.06.1987MR CINDERSGrey, Newman & EllisTavistock Repertory Company
22.06.1987KING FATFOOTDavid DearloveRegent Productions
29.06.1987BEQUEST TO THE NATIONTerrence RattiganPhoenix Theatre
06.07.1987A PENNY FOR A SONGJohn WhitingLeicester Drama Society
13.07.1987THE THREE MUSKETEERSDumas - adpt. Pauline SheppardShiva Theatre
20.07.1987SHE STOOPS TO CONQUEROliver GoldsmithComedy Club of London
27.07.1987OKLAHOMARogers & HammersteinLake Worth Playhouse, Florida
03.08.1987FRENCHMAN’S CREEKDaphne du MaurierWoodlands Theatre Company
10.08.1987THE ROSES OF EYAMDon TaylorWest Cornwall Theatre Group
17.08.1987ANIMAL FARMGeorge OrwellQuestors Theatre Company
24.08.1987DON QUIXOTECervantes - adpt. Keith DewhurstGatehouse Theatre Club
31.08.1987RUDDIGOREW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
07.09.1987THE KING’S MAREJean Canolle - trans. A LoosBurnt Ash Drama Association
15.09.1987A MINACK SYMPHONYCompiled J & N FitkinSolumiere Productions
28.05.1988TARTUFFEMoliereStourbridge Dramatic Society
07.06.1988TOM SAWYERMark Twain - adpt. Pauline SheppardShiva Schools Productions
20.08.1988ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELLWilliam ShakespeareWest Cornwall Theatre Group
27.06.1988COUNTRY DANCINGNigel WilliamsNorth Wood Morris
04.07.1988THE MAYOR OF CASTERBRIDGEThomas HardyPhoenix Theatre
11.07.1988UNDER MILK WOODDylan ThomasCornwall Theatre Company
18.07.1988PATIENCEW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
25.07.1988LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORSAshman & MenkenTavistock Repertory Company
01.08.1988THE MARRIAGE OF FIGAROWolfgang Amadeus MozartBeaufort Opera
08.08.1988WHEN WE ARE MARRIEDJ B PriestleyIlkley Players
15.08.1988A LITTLE NIGHT MUSICStephen SondheimLiaison Productions
22.08.1988THE SCARLET PIMPERNELBaroness Orczy - adpt. Beverley CrossHertfordshire Players
29.08.1988THE SEAEdward BondDrama Workshop of Waltham Forest
05.09.1988THE THREEPENNY OPERABrecht WeillWest Kent Youth Theatre
12.09.1988TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONAWilliam ShakespeareNova Neptune Players
29.05.1989TWELFTH NIGHTWilliam ShakespeareCygnet Training Theatre
06.06.1989TREGEAGLEJon OramKneehigh Theatre
19.06.1989THE SEAGULLAnton Chekhov - adpt. KilroyQuestors Theatre Company
26.06.1989THE MERCHANT OF VENICEWilliam ShakespearePhoenix Theatre
03.07.1989CIDER WITH ROSIELaurie Lee - adpt. Roose-EvansRomsey  A O D S
10.07.1989PRIDE AND PREJUDICEJane Austen - adpt. CoxLeicester Drama Society
17.07.1989THE MAGIC FLUTEDearlove/MozartRegent Productions
24.07.1989HASSANJames Elroy FleckerWest Cornwall Theatre Group
31.07.1989THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSORWilliam ShakespeareNewport Players
07.08.1989THE SHAUGHRAUNDion BoucicaultGatehouse Theatre Club
14.08.1989THIEVES CARNIVALJean AnouilhBurnt Ash Drama Association
21.08.1989OLIVER!Lionel BartIlkley Players
28.08.1989HAY FEVERNoel CowardAbbots Company
04.09.1989A TALE OF TWO CITIESCharles Dickens - adpt. FitzgibbonsComedy Club of London
11.09.1989THE MIKADOW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
18.09.1989THE MAGIC OF MUSIC AND LIGHTCompiled J & N FitkinSolumiere Productions
26.05.1990MACBETHWilliam ShakespeareWest Cornwall Theatre Group
04.06.1990THE LAST VOYAGE OF LONG JOHN SILVER Boris HowarthKneehigh Theatre
10.06.1990CONCERTMixed programeSt Buryan Male Voice Choir
18.06.1990AN INSPECTOR CALLSJ B PriestleyStockport Garrick Theatre
25.06.1990SALAD DAYSDorothy Reynolds & Julian SladeRedruth Players &  R A O S
02.07.1990ROMEO AND JULIETWilliam ShakespeareQueen Mary Players
09.07.1990A MONTH IN THE COUNTRYTurgenev - trans. Ariadne NicoleaffPhoenix Theatre
16.07.1990ONCE IN A LIFETIMEMoss, Hart & George S KaufmanTavistock Repertory Company
23.07.1990REBECCADaphne du MaurierStourbridge Dramatic Society
30.07.1990GUYS AND DOLLSLoesser, Swerling & BurrowsLake Worth Playhouse, Florida
06.08.1990THE COUNTRY WIFEWilliam WycherleyWoodlands Theatre Company
13.08.1990THE GOLDEN MASQUE OF AGAMEMNONJohn WilesNova Neptune Players
20.08.1990HARD TIMESCharles Dickens - adpt. Stephen JeffreysHertfordshire Players
27.08.1990A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAMWilliam ShakespeareCroxley Wood Theatre Club
03.09.1990THE PIRATES OF PENZANCEW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
10.09.1990JANE EYRECharlotte Bronte - dramatised Helen JeromeDrama Workshop of Waltham Forest
27.05.1991MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHINGWilliam ShakespeareDerby Shakespeare Theatre Company
03.06.1991PEER GYNTCompany adaptationKneehigh Theatre
17.06.1991MESSIAHMartin ShermanCytringan Players
24.06.1991ARSENIC AND OLD LACEJoseph KesselringPhoenix Theatre
01.07.1991SOUTH PACIFICRoger & HammersteinSt Just Operatic Society
08.07.1991FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWDThomas Hardy - adaptationLeicester Drama Society
15.07.1991MADAME BUTTERFLYPucciniBeaufort Opera
22.07.1991THE WINTER’S TALEWilliam ShakespeareWest Cornwall Theatre Group
29.07.1991THE MISERMoliereNewport Players
05.08.1991A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUMStephen SondheimComedy Club of London
12.08.1991THE RIVALSRichard Brindsley SheridanQuestors Theatre Company
19.08.1991LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERSHenry Fielding - adpt Bernard MilesRomsey  A O D S
26.08.1991THE PROVOK’D HUSBANDSir John Vanbrugh & Colley CibberGatehouse Theatre Club
02.09.1991IOLANTHEW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
09.09.1991FANTASIA - An Experience in Music and Light Compiled by J & N FitkinSolumiere Productions
25.05.1992THE WIZARD OF OZFrank BaumMitre Players
01.06.1992SHIP OF FOOLSCompany compilationKneehigh Theatre
15.06.1992THE COMEDY OF ERRORSWilliam ShakespearePhoenix Theatre
22.06.1992ARMS AND THE MANGeorge Bernard ShawCygnet Training Theatre
29.06.1992THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNESTOscar WildeBarn Players
06.07.1992A MAN FOR ALL SEASONSRobert BoltBurnt Ash Drama Association
13.07.1992TOM JONESHenry Fielding - adpt. Joan MacalpineWest Cornwall Theatre Group
20.07.1992NICHOLAS NICKLEBYCharles Dickens - adpt. David EdgarTavistock Repertory Company
27.07.1992SWEENEY TODDG Dibden Pitt - adpt. Mervyn LloydHertfordshire Players
03.08.1992DARK OF THE MOONHoward Richardson & William BerneyStourbridge Theatre Company
10.08.1992THE SERVANT OF TWO MASTERSCarlo GoldoniAbbots Company
17.08.1992THE TEMPESTWilliam ShakespeareDrama Workshop of Waltham Forest
24.08.1992THE SOUND OF MUSICRogers & HammersteinIlkley Players
31.08.1992H M S PINAFOREW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
07.09.1992THE FAIR MAID OF THE WESTThomas Heywood - adpt. Kieron WinnWest Kent Youth Theatre
24.05.1993DOCTOR FAUSTUSChristopher MarlowCarpe Diem
31.05.1993MR CINDERSGray, Newman & EllisBarnes & Richmond Operatic Society
07.06.1993WINDFALLKneehighKneehigh Theatre
21.06.1993WEST SIDE STORYSondheim/BernsteinTruro  A O D S
28.06.1993A LITTLE HOTEL ON THE SIDEFeydeau/MortimerPhoenix Theatre
05.07.1993THE PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLDJ M SyngeQuestors Theatre Company
12.07.1993TRELAWNEY OF THE "WELLS"Arthur Wing PineroLeicester Drama Society
19.07.1993OH! WHAT A LOVELY WARCharles Chiltern & Theatre WorkshopWest Cornwall Theatre Group
26.07.1993LA BOHEMEPucciniBeaufort Opera
02.08.1993A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAMWilliam ShakespeareCentenary Productions
09.08.1993CYRANO DE BERGERACEdmond RostandWoodland Theatre Company
16.08.1993TWELFTH NIGHTWilliam ShakespeareWinchester Players
23.08.1993THE HIRED MANMelvyn Bragg & Howard GoodallNewport Players
30.08.1993THE TAMING OF THE SHREWWilliam ShakespeareDerby Shakespeare Theatre Company
06.09.1993THE SORCERERW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
13.09.1993THE SCARLET PIMPERNELBaroness Orczy - adpt. Beverley CrossNova Neptune Players
23.05.1994TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONAWilliam ShakespeareFreelance Theatre Company
30.05.1994SHE STOOPS TO CONQUEROliver GoldsmithWest Cornwall Theatre Group
06.06.1994THE HEAD OF SNAKESDevised by CentralCentral School of Speech & Drama
13.06.1994RAVENHEARTDevised by KneehighKneehigh Theatre & Inner Sense
20.06.1994THE WOMAN IN WHITEWilkie Collins (Constance Cox)Cygnet Training Theatre
27.06.1994CAMELOTLerner & LoeweTruro  A O D S
04.07.1994THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSORWilliam ShakespearePhoenix Theatre
11.07.1994THE RECRUITING OFFICERGeorge FarquharDrama Workshop of Waltham Forest
18.07.1994LE BOURGEOIS GENTILHOMMEMoliere (Malleson)Abbots Company
25.07.1994MAN OF LA MANCHAWasserman, Darion & LeighMitre Players
01.08.1994PRIDE AND PREJUDICEJane Austen (David Powell)Tavistock Repertory Company
08.08.1994ON THE TOWNBernstein, Comden & GreenLake Worth Playhouse, Florida
15.08.1994THE ADVENTURES OF ALICELewis Carroll (William Monley)Barn Players
22.08.1994THE MERCHANT OF VENICEWilliam ShakespeareHertfordshire Players
29.08.1994THE YEOMAN OF THE GUARDW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
05.09.1994ON THE RAZZLETom StoppardBurnt Ash Drama Association
12.09.1994ABELARD AND HELOISERonald MillarMiller Centre Players
17.04.1995JOSEPH & THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOATTim Rice & Andrew Lloyd WebberKidz R Us
22.05.1995TIMON OF ATHENSWilliam ShakespeareCarpe Diem
29.05.1995SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERSMercer & de PaulTruro  O A D S
06.06.1995MERLIN’S CHILD: THE LEGENDS OF ARTHUR Devised by Central SchoolCentral School of Speech & Drama
12.06.1995THE LOST STORIES OF DON QUIXOTEKneehighKneehigh Theatre
19.06.1995SHOWBOATHammerstein & Jerome KernSt Just Operatic Society
26.06.1995OUR COUNTRY’S GOODTimberlake WertenbakerPhoenix Theatre
03.07.1995CHARLEY’S AUNTBrandon ThomasComedy Club of London
10.07.1995THE MAGIC FLUTEWolfgang Amadeus MozartBeaufort Opera
17.07.1995AS YOU LIKE ITWilliam ShakespeareWest Cornwall Theatre Group
24.07.1995THE HYPOCHONDRIACMoliereAd Hoc Theatre
31.07.1995DAISY PULLS IT OFFDenise DeeganQuestors Theatre Company
07.08.1995ROMEO AND JULIETWilliam ShakespeareDerby Shakespeare Theatre Company
14.08.1995THE KING AND IRogers & HammersteinIlkley Players
21.08.1995MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHINGWilliam ShakespeareWinchester Players
28.08.1995THE GONDOLIERSW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
04.09.1995THE CRUCIBLEArthur MillerGatehouse Theatre Club
11.09.1995ROUND AND ROUND THE GARDENAlan AyckbournRomsey  A O D S
27.05.1996THE BOYFRIENDSandy WilsonBarnes & Richmond Operatic Society
03.06.1996TREGEAGLEJon OramKneehigh Theatre
11.06.1996LAND OF THE FORGOTTEN TIDECentral SchoolCentral School of Speech & Drama
17.06.1996LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSESChristopher HamptonPhoenix Theatre
24.06.1996AN ITALIAN STRAW HATLabiche & Michel - adpt. Thomas WaltonWadham Players
01.07.1996MACBETHWilliam ShakespeareIllyria
08.07.1996THE WILL ROGERS FOLLIESBetty Comden & Adolph GreenKidz R Us
15.07.1996SATURDAY, SUNDAY, MONDAYEduardo De Fillippo - adpt. WaterhouseWest Cornwall Theatre Group
22.07.1996NICHOLAS NICKLEBY (Part Two)Charles Dickens - adpt. David EdgarTavistock Repertory Company
29.07.1996THE FIFTEEN STREETSCatherine Cookson - adpt. Rob BettinsonMiller Centre Players
05.08.1996WIND IN THE WILLOWSKenneth Grahame - adpt. John MorleyWoodlands Theatre Company
12.08.1996SCAPINO!Frank Dunlop & Jim DaleAbbots Company
19.08.1996THE MADNESS OF GEORGE IIIAlan BennettHertfordshire Players
26.08.1996THE PIRATES OF PENZANCEW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanPenzance  O A D S
02.09.1996CYMBELINEWilliam ShakespeareCambridge University G & S Society
09.09.1996BRIGADOONLerner & LoeweTruro O A D S
16.09.1996TO BE A CORNISHMAN -Son et LumiereJohn Bartlett
26.05.1997WHISTLE DOWN THE WINDMary Haley Bell - adpt. Russell LabeyCamcit Players
02.06.1997THE ARABIAN NIGHTSKneehighKneehigh Theatre
09.06.1997JASON AND THE ARGONAUTSCentral SchoolCentral School of Speech & Drama
16.06.1997RICHARD IIIWilliam ShakespeareIllyria
23.06.1997YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOUMoss Hart & George KaufmanPhoenix Theatre
30.06.1997THE DEVIL’S DISCIPLEGeorge Bernard ShawGatehouse Theatre Club
07.07.1997A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAMWilliam ShakespeareIlkley Players
14.07.1997THE BEAUX STRATAGEMGeorge FarquharAd Hoc Theatre
21.07.1997HELLO DOLLYMichael Stewart & Jerry HarmanLake Worth Players
28.07.1997TWELFTH NIGHTWilliam ShakespeareDerby Shakespeare Theatre Company
04.08.1997MANSFIELD PARKJane Austen - adpt. Willis HallNewport Players
11.08.1997LA TRAVIATAVerdiBeaufort Opera
18.08.1997LITTLE WOMENLouisa May Alcott - adpt. Peter ClaphamQuestors Theatre Company
25.08.1997QUASIMODOSteve HumfreesMitre Players
01.09.1997IOLANTHEW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanTruro  O A D S
08.09.1997HAMLETWilliam ShakespeareCarpe Diem
15.09.1997LORNA DOONER D Blackmore - adpt. Lawrence ShoveLaunceston College
25.05.1998ANYTHING GOESCole PorterBarnes & Richmond Operatic Society
01.06.1998BLITHE SPIRITNoel CowardCygnet Training Theatre
08.06.1998STRANGE CARGOKneehighKneehigh Theatre
15.06.1998PIRATE QUEST!CentralCentral School of Speech & Drama
22.06.1998ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD Tom StoppardPhoenix Theatre
29.06.1998SISTERLY FEELINGSAlan AyckbournNext Stage
06.07.1998COLD COMFORT FARMPaul DoustWest Cornwall Theatre Group
13.07.1998THE TAMING OF THE SHREWWilliam ShakespeareIllyria
20.07.1998CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA & PAGLIACCIMascagni & LeoncavalloSurrey Opera
27.07.1998KING LEARWilliam ShakespeareMiller Centre Players
03.08.1998RETURN TO THE FORBIDDEN PLANETBob CarltonTavistock Repertory Company
10.08.1998GREAT EXPECTATIONSCharles DickensWinchester Players
17.08.1998THE COMEDY OF ERRORSWilliam ShakespeareHertfordshire Players
24.08.1998A JOVIAL CREWRichard Brome - adpt. Stephen JefferiesAbbots Company
31.08.1998H M S PINAFOREW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
07.09.1998SPRING 1600Emlyn WilliamsAd Hoc Theatre
14.09.1998SHE STOOPS TO CONQUEROliver GoldsmithBrighton Little Theatre
24.05.1999A PARCEL OF ROGUESSteve Clark & Bill ScottMiracle Theatre
31.05.1999FIDDLER ON THE ROOFStein, Bock & HarnickStageWright Productions
07.06.1999ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NESTDale WassermanWest Cornwall Theatre
14.06.1999THE WATER BABIESCharles KingsleyIllyria
22.06.1999BEWARE THE JABBERWOCKYCentralCentral School of Speech & Drama
28.06.1999JULIUS CAESARWilliam ShakespeareLeeds University Union Theatre Group
05.07.1999CLOCHEMERLEGabriel Chevallier (Hall & SluggettPhoenix Theatre
12.07.1999THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSORWilliam ShakespeareQuestors Theatre Company
19.07.1999THE TALES OF HOFFMANOffenbachBeaufort Opera
26.07.1999JOSEPH ANDREWSHenry Fielding (Clepper)Ilkley Players
02.08.1999PETER PANJ M Barrie (RSC version)Woodlands Theatre Group
09.08.1999THE ITCH (based on THE CHANGELING)Middleton & RowleyKneehigh Theatre
16.08.1999THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO (the play)Beaumarchais - adpt. Michael WestNewport Playgoers
23.08.1999AS YOU LIKE ITWilliam ShakespeareDerby Shakespeare Theatre Company
30.08.1999THE SORCERERW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
06.09.1999KISS ME KATECole PorterTruro  O A D S
13.09.1999THE MAGIC OF THE MINACKJane LevanJanus Productions
22.05.2000ROMEO AND JULIETWilliam ShakespeareShakespeare by the Sea
29.05.2000CARMENGeorges BizetSurrey Opera
05.06.2000THE LONDON CUCKOLDSEdward Ravenscroft - adpt. John ByrnePhoenix Theatre
12.06.2000THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHESTrad. Hans Christian AndersonIllyria
19.06.2000MYTH BREAKERS!CentralCentral School of Speech & Drama
26.06.2000DAVID COPPERFIELDCharles Dickens - adpt. Matthew FrancisWest Cornwall Theatre
03.07.2000THE THREE MUSKETEERSAlexander Dumas - adpt. Willis HallStamford Shoestring Theatre
10.07.2000THE SEAEdward BondGatehouse Theatre Club
17.07.2000TARTUFFEMoliere - adpt. Miles MallesonAd Hoc Theatre
24.07.2000THE RED SHOESTrad. KneehighKneehigh Theatre
31.07.2000THE COUNTRY WIFEWilliam WycherleyMitre Players
07.08.2000MACK AND MABELMichael Strwart & Jerry HermanTavistock Repertory Company
14.08.2000GRIMM TALESDramatised - Tim SuppleHertfordshire Players
21.08.2000PENDRAGONAllwood, Horton, Taylor & WhatleyNational Youth Music Theatre
28.08.2000THE LADY FROM MAXIM’SGeorges Feydeau - trans. John MortimerAbbots Company
04.09.2000THE MIKADOW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
11.09.2000MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHINGWilliam ShakespeareMad Dogs and Englishmen
16.04.2001JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTARTim Rice & Andrew Lloyd WebberKidz R Us
21.05.2001CIDER WITH ROSIELaurie Lee - adapt. James Roose-EvansTruro  A O D S
28.05.2001LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORSAshman & MenkenThe Barnstormers
04.06.2001ALICE IN WONDERLANDLewis CarrollIllyria
11.06.2001HAMLETWilliam ShakespeareMad Dogs and Englishmen
19.06.2001BEOWULFCentralCentral School of Speech & Drama
25.06.2001THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNESTOscar WildeBrighton Little Theatre
02.07.2001WILLIAM TELLFriedrich SchillerWest Cornwall Theatre
09.07.2001OH WHAT A LOVELY WARTheatre Workshop & Charles ChilternIlkley Players
16.07.2001THE FANCarlo GoldoniThe Questors Theatre
23.07.2001THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWNMeredith Wilson & Richard MorrisLake Worth Playhouse
30.07.2001THE ROYAL HUNT OF THE SUNPeter ShafferNext Stage Theatre Company
06.08.2001TWELFTH NIGHTWilliam ShakespeareMiller Centre Players
13.08.2001ARABIAN NIGHTSadpt - James Harper & Peter BarnesShattered Windscreen
20.08.2001HALF A SIXPENCEDavid Heneker & Beverley CrossBROS Theatre Company
27.08.2001A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAMWilliam ShakespeareWinchester Players
03.09.2001DIE FLEDERMAUSJohann StraussBeaufort Opera
10.09.2001PATIENCEW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
29.03.2002OLIVER!Lional BartStagestruck
20.05.2002ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLDOffenbachTruro A O D S
27.05.2002RICHARD IIIWilliam ShakespeareTremor Cordis
03.06.2002PICKWICKLeslie Bricusse & Cyril OrnadelWest Wickham Operatic Society
10.06.2002THE RELUCTANT DRAGONKenneth GrahameIllyria
18.06.2002THE RATCATCHER OF HAMELINCentral School of Speech & DramaCentral School
24.06.2002WILD JAMKneehigh TheatreKneehigh Theatre
01.07.2002THE SHAUGRAUNDion BoucicaultWest Cornwall Theatre
08.07.2002THE CANTERBURY TALESGeoffrey ChaucerAd Hoc Theatre Company
15.07.2002OUR TOWNThornton WilderNewport Playgoers Society
22.07.2002THE ROVERAphra BehnGeoffrey Whitworth Theatre
29.07.2002THE WIND IN THE WILLOWSKenneth Grahame, adpt. Alan BennettTavistock Repertory Company
05.08.2002HONK!George Stiles & Anthony DrewThe Mitre Players
12.08.2002THE TEMPESTWilliam ShakespeareDerby Shakespeare Theatre Company
19.08.2002PRIDE & PREJUDICEJane Austen, adpt. Brian BurtonHertfordshire Players
26.08.2002JACK THE RIPPERRon Pember & Denis de MarneThe Abbots Company
02.09.2002THE PEARL FISHERSGeorges BizetSurrey Opera
09.09.2002THE PIRATES OF PENZANCEW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
Easter 2003AN EVENING AT THE MUSICALS!VariousKidz are Us
19.05.2003BOHELLANDJustin ChubbCornish Theatre Collection
26.05.2003CALAMITY JANEMusic - Sammy Fain, Lyrics - Paul Francis WebsterB R O S Theatre Company
02.06.2003ALI BABA AND THE FORTY THIEVES!IllyriaIllyria
09.06.2003ON THE RAZZLETom StoppardGatehouse Theatre, in association with
17.06.2003THE ODYSSEYCentral School of Speech & DramaCentral School of Speech & Drama
23.06.2003CYRANO DE BERGERACEdmond Rostand, trans. & ad. by Antony BergessTremor Cordis
30.06.2003THE FIRE RAISERSMax FrischWest Cornwall Theatre
07.07.2003HENRY VWilliam ShakespeareMad Dogs & Englishmen Theatre Co.
14.07.2003RING ROUND THE MOONJean Anouith, adapted by Christopher FryStamford Shoestring Theatre
21.07.2003MADAME BUTTERFLYGiacomo PucciniBeaufort Opera
21.07.2003LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSESChristopher HamptonNext Stage Theatre Company
04.08.2003THE JUNGLE BOOKadapted by John HartochIlkley Players
11.08.2003LES ENFANTS DU PARADISJacques Prévert & Marcel CarnnéShatterd Windscreen Theatre Co.
18.08.2003THE LEARNED LADIESMoliêreQuestors Theatre Company
25.08.2003A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUMStephen SondheimTavistock Repertory Company
02.09.2003KING LEARWilliam ShakespeareBrighton Little Theatre
08.09.2003RUDDIGOREW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
20.09.2003THE SEA (SLSA Charity Event)VariousVarious Celebrity Performers
24.05.2004MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHINGWilliam ShakespeareWestcountry Theatre Company
31.05.2004INTO THE WOODSStephen SondheimThe Barnstormers
07.06.2004QUASIMODOAdapted by Bill ScottMiracle Theatre
14.06.2004THE QUESTCentral School of Speech & DramaCentral School of Speech & Drama
21.06.2004ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASSLewis CarrollIllyria
28.06.2004THE MERRY WIDOWFranz LeharTruro A O D S
05.07.2004AS YOU LIKE ITWilliam ShakespeareMad Dogs and Englishmen
12.07.2004MORE OF THE CANTERBURY TALESAdapted from ChaucerAd Hoc Theatre Company
19.07.2004TRISTAN AND YSEULTKneehigh TheatreKneehigh Theatre Company
26.07.2004THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT WENT TO SEE..David Wood and Sheila RuskinThe Abbots Company
02.08.2004BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (a fairytale thriller)Laurence BoswellThe Miller Centre Players
09.08.2004ROMEO AND JULIETWilliam ShakespeareWinchester College Players
16.08.2004THE HUNTING OF THE SNARKMike Batt (based on poem by Lewis Carroll)The Mitre Players
23.08.2004A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAMWilliam ShakespeareHertfordshire Players
30.08.2004THE MAGIC FLUTEWolfgang Amadeus MozartSurrey Opera
06.09.2004JANE EYRECharlotte Bronte - adapted by Willis HallTavistock Repertory Company
13.09.2004UTOPIA UNLIMITEDW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
25.09.2004PROMS AT THE MINACKConcertMount Charles Brass Band and Guest
23.05.2005THE TAMING OF THE SHREWWilliam ShakespeareWestcountry Theatre Company
30.05.2005KISS ME KATECole Porter (book by Bella & Samuel Spewack)BROS Theatre Group
06.06.2005PYGMALIONBernard ShawGlobal Theatre Company
13.06.2005A TIME MACHINECentral School of Speech and DramaCentral School of Speech and Drama
20.06.2005PRIDE AND PREJUDICEJane AustenIllyria
27.06.2005SUMMER HOLIDAYP Myers & R Cass ad by M Gyngell & M HaddiganPlayrite Theatre Projects
04.07.2005TOM JONESJoan Macalpine based on novel by Henry FieldingNewport Playgoers
11.07.2005GARDENSir Alan AyckbournTavistock Repertory Company
18.07.2005LA BOHEMEMusic -G Puccini Libretto - Fraser GrantBeaufort Opera
25.07.2005TERRY PRATCHETT'S WYRD SISTERSAdapted for stage by Stephen BriggsIlkley Players
01.08.2005THE TAMER TAMEDJohn FletcherGeoffrey Whitworth Theatre
08.08.2005ANTONY AND CLEOPATRAWilliam ShakespeareDerby Shakespeare Theatre Company
15.08.2005PETER PAN (or The Boy who would not Grow up)JM Barrie - adapt by Trevor Nunn & John CairdShattered Windscreen
22.08.2005THE CHAMPION OF PARIBANOUSir Alan AyckbournNext Stage Theatre Company
29.08.2005TITANIC - THE MUSICALBook by Peter Stone Music/lyrics by Maury YestonRedruth Amateur Operatic Soc (Trust)
05.09.2005TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONAWilliam ShakespeareBrighton Little Theatre
12.09.2005IOLANTHEW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge Univerisity G & S Society
23.09.2005PROMS AT THE MINACKConcertMount Charles Brass Band and Guests
22.05.2006THE CASE OF THE FRIGHTENED LADYBill Scott - based on a novel by Edgar WallaceMiracle Theatre
29.05.2006CHESSTim Rice & Andrew Lloyd WebberTruro A O D S
06.06.2006UP'N'UNDERJohn GodberBrighton Little Theatre
12.06.2006THE WIND IN THE WILLOWSAdpt. From story by Kenneth GrahameIllyria
19.06.2006AN ARTIST AND A MARINERCentral School of Speech and DramaCentral School of Speech and Drama
26.06.2006COMPANYStephen Sondheim & George FurthPlayrite Theatre Projects
03.07.2006SILAS MARNER - THE WEAVER OF RAVELOEAdpt. By Lisa Paterson and John Wheeler from the novel by George EliotGatehouse Theatre Club
10.07.2006THE MISERMoliere - adpt. Miles MallesonAd Hoc Theatre Company
17.07.2006THE LONDON CUCKOLDSEdward Ravenscroft - adpt. Terry JohnsonThe Questors Theatre
24.07.2006HAMLETWilliam Shakespeare - adpt by Gunduz KalicFull Tilt Theatre Company
31.07.2006JUST SOAnthony Drewe & George Stiles ( from stories by R Kipling)The Mitre Players
07.08.2006THE THREE MUSKETEERSAlexander Dumas - adpt. Willis HallHertfordshire Players
14.08.2006MERLIN'S CHILD - LEGEND OF ARTHURSearing EdgeSearing Edge
21.08.2006PARADISE (BY THE DASHBOARD LIGHTSPhillip & peter LeyTavistock Repertory Company
28.08.2006THE BEGGAR'S OPERABenjamin Britten and John GaySurrey Opera
04.09.2006MACBETHWilliam ShakespeareMad Dogs and Englishmen
11.09.2006THE CURSE OF THE WEREWOLFKen Hall & Ian ArmitNorthcott Theatre
18.09.2006PRINCESS IDAW S Gilbert & Arthur SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
23.09.2006PROMS AT THE MINACKConcertMount Charles Band & Friends
05.04.2007LES MISERABLES SCHOOL EDITIONSchonberg, Kretzmer, Boubil & NatelKidz R Us
21.05.2007THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTORNikolai GogolMiracle Theatre Company
28.05.2007MAN OF LA MANCHAWasswerman, Darion & LeighBROS Theatre Company
04.06.2007ROBIN HOODAdapted by Oliver GrayIllyria Theatre Company
11.06.2007THE GRIMMS'S TALEAdapted by students at CentralCentral School of Speech & Drama
18.06.2007LORD ARTHUR SAVILE'S CRIMEConstance CoxGlobal Theatre Company
25.06.2007PRINCE OF THE BURNING SUNJustin ChubbCornish Theatre Collective & Penryn Community Theatre
02.07.2007OF MICE AND MENJohn SteinbeckIlkley Playhouse
09.07.2007THE MADNESS OF GEORGE IIIAlan BennettStamford Shoestring Theatre
16.07.2007A BUSY DAYFanny Burney (adpt Alan Coveney)Janus Theatre Company
23.07.2007CARMENGeorges BizetNew Cornwal Opera
30.07.2007PEER GYNTHenrik Ibsen (adpt Michael Meyer)Miller Centre Players
06.08.2007THE TRUE STORY OF MARTIN GUERREGuy Meredith (adpt James Harper)Shattered Windscreen Theatre Company
13.08.2007THE TEMPESTWilliam ShakespeareWinchester College Players
20.08.2007HIS DARK MATERIALSPhilip Pullman (adpt Nicholas Wright)Next Stage Theatre Company
27.08.2007THE SCARLET PIMPERNELFrank Wildhorn & Nan KnightonThe Barnstormers
03.09.2007TWELFTH NIGHTWilliam ShakespeareMad Dogs & Englishmen Theatre Company
10.09.2007H.M.S.PINAFOREW.S.Gilbert & A. SullivanCambridge University G.& S. Society
22.09.2007PROMS AT MINACKMount Charles Band
19.05.2008AS YOU LIKE ITWilliam ShakespeareWestcountry Theatre Company
26.05.2008THE SLIPPER AND THE ROSER. Sherman & R ShermanTruro A.O.D.S.
02.06.2008HAPPY ENDBrecht & WeillStage Company TRUCCO
09.06.2008THE COMEDY OF ERRORSWilliam ShakespeareFull Tilt Theatre Company
17.06.2008LIFE OF PIYann MartelCentral School of Speech & Drama
23.06.2008PINOCCHIOCarlo CollodiIllyria
30.06.2008JASONAdapted by Bill ScottMiracle
07.07.2008THE ALCHEMISTBen JohnsonBrighton Little Theatre Company
14.07.2008UNDER MILK WOODDylan ThomasNewport Playgoers Society
21.07.2008THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSORCarl Otto NicolaiSurrey Opera
28.07.2008CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSERAdpt from Lewis Carroll by Anne Connell & Penny TuerkThe Tower Theatre
04.08.2008CHARLEY'S AUNTBrandon ThomasThe Questors Theatre Company
11.08.2008WILD OATSJohn O'KeefeGeoffrey Whitworth Theatre Company
18.08.2008GULLIVER'S TRAVELSChris Chambers & Andy RappsThe Mitre Players
25.08.2008HENRY VWilliam ShakespeareDerby Shakespeare Theatre Co.
01.09.2008JEFF WAYNE'S MUSICAL VERSION OF WAR OF THE WORLDSJeff and Doreen WayneHertfordshire Players
08.09.2008THEY CAME TO A CITYJ.B. PriestleyThe Gatehouse Theatre Club (London)
15.09.2008THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARDW.S.Gilbert & A. SullivanCambridge University G.& S. Society
20.09.2008PROMS 2008Mount Charles Band
09.04.2009ANYTHING GOESCole Porter, Guy Bolton, P.G.Wodehouse & Russel CrouseKidz R Us
19.05.2009SETH LAKEMAN
20.05.2009JEREMY HARDY
25.05.2009EVITATim Rice & Andrew Lloyd WebberB.R.O.S. Theatre Company
01.06.2009A CHORUS LINEKirkwood, Dante, Hamlisch & Kleban Stage Company TRUCCO
08.06.2009TARTUFFEMoliere, adapted by Bill Scott Miracle Theatre Company
15.06.2009THE MOWGLI TALESRudyard Kipling, adapted by Oliver Gray Illyria
22.06.2009THE GREEKdevised by students of .Central School of Speech & Drama in collaboration with Cartoon de Salvo
29.06.2009THE KING OF PRUSSIANick DarkeRough Coast
06.07.2009THE HAPPIEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFEJohn DightonGlobal Theatre Company
13.07.2009LA TRAVIATAGiuseppe VerdiNew Cornwall Opera
20.07.2009A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAMWilliam ShakespeareShakespeare's Globe (On Tour)
27.07.2009TREASURE ISLANDRobert Louis Stevenson, adapted by Phil Wilmott Janus Theatre Company
03.08.2009CORAM BOYJamila Gavin & Helen EdmundsonShattered Windscreen Theatre Company
10.08.2009THE CRUCIBLEArthur MillerIlkley Playhouse
17.08.2009AMADEUSPeter ShafferNext Stage Theatre Company
24.08.2009THE MUSIC MANMeredith WillsonRedruth A.O.D.S.(Trust)
31.08.2009THIRD WEEK IN AUGUSTPeter GordonRomsey A.O.D.S.
07.09.2009OTHELLOWilliam ShakespeareMad Dogs & Englishmen Theatre Company
14.09.2009THE MIKADOW.S.Gilbert & A. SullivanCambridge University G.& S. Society
19.09.2009PROMS AT THE MINACKMount Charles Band
24.05.2010A MERE INTERLUDEAlan Kent (based on the novel by Thomas Hardy)Bish Bash Bosh Productions
31.05.2010JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTARTim Rice & Andrew Lloyd WebberThe Barnstormers
07.06.2010METAMORPHOSISStephen BerkoffRough Coast
14.06.2010JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACHadapted for the stage by David Wood,from the book by Roald Dahl.Illyria
21.06.2010THE DOCTOR’S DAUGHTER(based of William Shakespeare’s ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’)Central School of Speech & Drama
28.06.2010WEST SIDE STORYbook by Arthur Laurents, music by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Stephen SondheimFull Tilt Theatre Company
05.07.2010ROMEO AND JULIETWilliam ShakespeareBrighton Little Theatre
12.07.2010LE BOURGEOIS GENTILHOMMEMolière, adapted by Miles MallesonNewport Playgoers
19.07.2010THE BARTERED BRIDEBedrich SmetanaSurrey Opera
26.07.2010ON THE RAZZLETom StoppardStamford Shoestring Theatre
02.08.2010MOBY DICK! THE MUSICALBook and Lyrics by Robert Longden : Music by Hereward Kaye and Robert LongdenThe Mitre Players
09.08.2010LOVE’S LABOUR’S LOSTWilliam ShakespeareWinchester College Players
16.08.2010TRUMPETS AND DRUMSBertold Brecht (based on The Recruiting Officer)The Hertfordshire Players
23.08.2010LARK RISEby Keith Dewhurst, based on ‘Lark Rise to Candleford‘ by Flora ThompsonThe Tower Theatre
30.08.2010HOT MIKADODavid H.Bell and Rob BowmanTruro A.O.D.S.
06.09.2010THE ROVERAphra BehnThe Questors Theatre
13.09.2010THE GONDOLIERSW.S. Gilbert & A SullivanCambridge University G & S Society
18.09.2010PROMS AT THE MINACKMount Charles Band & guests
22.04.2011AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYSadapted for the stage by Elaine Ruth WhiteDream Team Theatre
23.05.2011SURFING TOMMIESDr. Alan KentBish Bash Bosh Productions
& Iron Shoes
30.05.2011GUYS & DOLLSFrank LoesserBROS Theatre Company
06.06.2011CANTERBURY TALESGeoffrey ChaucerRough Coast
13.06.2011FANTASTIC MR. FOXby Roald Dahl
adapted by David Wood
20.06.2011ALICEby Lewis CarrollCentral School of Speech & Drama
27.06.2011OUTSIDE EDGERichard HarrisGlobal Theatre Company
04.07.2011THE DEATH OF SHERLOCK HOLMESBill ScottMiracle Theatre Company
11.07.2011HAMLETWilliam ShakespeareShakespeare's Globe (On Tour)
18.07.2011MADAME BUTTERFLYGiacomo PucciniNew Cornwall Opera
25.07.2011THE LION IN WINTERJames GoldmanMiller Centre Theatre Company
01.08.2011CYRANO DE BERGEREACby Edmond Rostand. Translated and adapted by Anthony BurgessShattered Windscreen Theatre Company
08.08.2011THIEVES' CARNIVALby Jean AnouilhGeoffrey Whitworth Theatre
15.08.2011MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHINGWilliam ShakespeareDerby Shakespeare Theatre Company
22.08.2011THE PRIME OF MISS JEAN BRODIEby Jay Presson Allen, adapted from the novel by Muriel SparkNext Stage Theatre Company
29.08.2011ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEADTom StoppardIlkley Playhouse
05.09.2011FIDDLER ON THE ROOFbook by Joseph Stein, Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick, Music by Jerry BockRedruth Amateur Operatic Society (Trust)
12.09.2011OUR TOWNThornton WilderTheatre In The Square
19.09.2011THE PIRATES OF PENZANCEW.S.Gilbert & A. SullivanCambridge University G. & S. Society
24.09.2011PROMS AT MINACKMount Charles Band
06.04.2012TITANIC - THE MUSICALmusic & lyrics by Maury Yeston, book by Peter StoneThe Atlantic Theatre Company
06.05.2012BARON HERZOG'S BOX OF OPERATIC DELIGHTSVarious opera excerptsDuchy Opera
07.05.2012DEVON & DEMELZAElaine Ruth WhiteCAKE Productions
09.05.2012THE LOVER & THE DUMB WAITERHarold PinterDave's House Theatre Co.
12.05.2012BLUE APPLE'S HAMLETadapted by William Jessop from William ShakespeareBlue Apple Theatre
13.05.2012CAVALLERIA RUSTICANAPietro MascagniNew Cornwall Opera
17.05.2012OLYMPUSmusic & lyrics by Ian Rae, book, additional music & lyrics by Chris ChambersGood Company
23.05.2012PORT ISAAC'S FISHERMAN'S FRIENDSConcertThe Gig Cartel
25.05.2012SUZANNE VEGAConcertThe Gig Cartel
28.05.2012THE TIN VIOLINwritten by Alan Kent, music by People's String FoundationBish Bash Bosh Productions
04.06.2012THE SOUND OF MUSICmusic by Richard Rodgers, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein, book by Howard Lindsay and Russell CrouseKidz R Us
11.06.2012THE TWITSby Roald Dahl, adapted by David WoodIllyria
18.06.2012PETER PANbased on the book by J. M. BarrieCentral School of Speech & Drama
25.06.2012THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNESTOscar WildeMiracle Theatre Company
02.07.2012TWELFTH NIGHTWilliam ShakespeareMoving Stories Theatre
09.07.2012THE HYPOCHONDRIACby Roger McGough after MoliereNewport Playgoers
16.07.2012DIE FLEDERMAUSJohann StraussSurrey Opera
23.07.2012CAT AMONG THE PIGEONSby Georges Feydeau, translated by John MortimerJanus Theatre Company
30.07.2012THE COMPLETE WORKS OF SHAKESPEARE (Abridged)by Adam Long, Daniel Singer & Jess WinfieldQuestors Theatre
06.08.2012AS YOU LIKE ITWilliam ShakespeareWinchester College Players
13.08.2012THE BOOK OF MIRRORSbook by Steve Thompson & Mark O'Sullivan, music and lyrics by Rob WallaceThe Hertfordshire Players
20.08.2012RETURN TO THE FORBIDDEN PLANETBob CarltonThe Mitre Players
27.08.2012DAVID COPPERFIELDby Charles Dickens, adapted by Nick WarburtonThe Tower Theatre Company
03.09.2012THE 39 STEPSadapted by Patrick Barlow from the novel by John BuchanR.A.O.D.S.- Romsey Operatic & Dramatic Society
10.09.2012MACBETHWilliam ShakespeareCube Theatre
17.09.2012RUDDIGOREW.S.Gilbert & A. SullivanCambridge University G. & S. Society
22.09.2012PROMS AT MINACKMount Charles Band
16.12.2012MINACK AT CHRISTMASMount Charles band
29.03.2013HONK Jnrmusic by George Styles, book & lyrics by Anthony DreweKidz R Us
27.04.2013THE PEOPLE'S STRING FOUNDATIONConcertPeople's String Foundation
03.05.2013HELSTON SCHOOL JAZZ ORCHESTRAConcertHelston School Jazz Orchestra
04.05.2013BARON HERZOG'S BOX OF OPERATIC DELIGHTSVarious opera excerptsDuchy Opera
10.05.2013OH MARYwords & script by Anna MurphyBec Applebee
11.05.2013NEWQUAY MALE VOICE CHOIRwith Johnny Cowling
15.05.2013NERINA PALLOTConcertThe Gig Cartel
16.05.2013MIDGE UREConcertThe Gig Cartel
17.05.2013KT TUNSTALLConcertThe Gig Cartel
20.05.2013JAMAICA INNadapted for the stage by Lisa Evans
from the novel by Daphne Du Maurier
Bish Bash Bosh Productions
27.05.2013MACK & MABELbook by Michael Stewart, music & lyrics Jerry HermanBROS Theatre Company
03.06.2013ANTONY & CLEOPATRAWilliam ShakespeareAnother Way Theatre
10.06.2013BABE THE SHEEP-PIGby Dick King-Smith, adapted by David WoodIllyria
17.06.2013ARABIAN NIGHTSadapted by the students of . . .Central School Of Speech & Drama
24.06.2013WAITING FOR GODOTSamuel BeckettMiracle Theatre Company
01.07.2013PRESENT LAUGHTERNoel CowardGlobal Theatre Company
08.07.2013A WOMAN OF NO IMPORTANCEOscar WildeBrighton Little Theatre
15.07.2013THE MARRIAGE OF FIGAROWolfgang Amadeus MozartNew Cornwall Opera
22.07.2013ANN BOLEYNHoward BrentonStamford Shoestring Theatre
29.07.2013WUTHERING HEIGHTSadapted by Yvette Huddleston and Walter Swan from Emily Bront뀙s novelIlkley Playhouse
05.08.2013PARADEbook by Alfred Uhry, music & lyrics by Jason Robert BrownThe Barnstormers
12.08.2013WILD OATS - A ROMANCE OF THE OLD WESTJames McClureShattered Windscreen Theatre Company
19.08.2013OUR COUNTRY'S GOODTimberlake WertenbakerNext Stage Theatre Company
26.08.2013TARTUFFEadapted by Roger McGough from MoliereGuildburys Theatre Company
02.09.2013INTO THE WOODSmusic & lyrics by Stephen Sondheim book by James LapineTruro A.O.D.S..
09.09.2013THE TAMING OF THE SHREWWilliam ShakespeareShakespeare's Globe (On Tour)
16.09.2013IOLANTHEW.S. Gilbert & A.SullivanCambridge University G. & S. Society
25.09.2013SMOKEY JOE'S CAFÉwords & music by Jerry Leiber & Mike StollerAct Now Theatre Company
28.09.2013PROMS AT MINACKMount Charles Band
14.04.2014GREASEJim Jacobs & Warren CaseyKidz R Us
27.04.2014CANORYON LOWENConcert
02.05.2014THE ASCENSION PLAN & 50 DEGREESConcert
04.05.2014MOUNTS BAY SINGERSConcert
05.05.2014PENCOWETHbook, lyrics & music by Dan Lashbrook & Rob PrattMusic Is Life Productions Ltd
07.05.2014WOMAN IN MINDAlan AyckbournSevenstone Theatre
14.05.2014KERNOW KINGComedyThe Gig Cartel
15.05.2014GLENN TILBROOKConcertThe Gig Cartel
16.05.2014NERINA PALLOTConcertThe Gig Cartel
17.05.2014FLEETWOOD BACConcertThe Gig Cartel
19.05.2014THE KING OF THE CHOUGHSDougie BlaxlandTrebiggan Productions
26.05.2014ANNIEmusic by Charles Strouse, lyrics by Martin Charnin, book by Thomas MeehanRedruth Amateur Operatic Society (Trust)
02.06.2014PRIVATE LIVESNoel Coward
09.06.2014GEORGE'S MARVELLOUS MEDICINERoald Dahl, adapted by David WoodIllyria
devised by the students ofCentral School Of Speech & Drama
23.06.2014THE CASE OF THE FRIGHTENED LADYBill ScottMiracle Theatre Company
30.06.2014THE TEMPESTWilliam ShakespeareMoving Stories Theatre
07.07.2014PYGMALIONGeorge Bernard ShawNewport Playgoers
14.07.2014TOSCAGiacomo PucciniSurrey Opera
21.07.2014FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWDThomas Hardy (adpt)Miller Centre Players
28.07.2014THE PRODUCERSbook and lyrics by Thomas Meehan, music by Mel BrooksThe Tower Theatre Company
04.08.2014OH! WHAT A LOVELY WARJoan Littlewood's Musical EntertainmentGeoffrey Whitworth Theatre
11.08.2014A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAMWilliam ShakespeareDerby Shakespeare Theatre Company
18.08.2014SPAMALOTEric Idle, Neil Innes & John Du Prez The Mitre Players
25.08.2014LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOSTWilliam ShakespeareThe Hertfordshire Players
Elton John, Tim Rice, Linda Woolverton, Robert Falls, & David Henry HwangAct Now Theatre Company
08.09.2014GREAT EXPECTATIONSadapted by Robert Alderman from Charles DickensTheatre In The Square
15.09.2014H.M.S. PINAFOREW. S. Gilbert & A. SullivanCambridge University G. & S. Society
22.09.2014DRACULA: THE KISSESadapted by Rebecca Morden from Bram Stoker's novelScary Little Girls
27.09.2014PROMS AT MINACKMount Charles Band
14.12.2014MINACK'S CHRISTMAS CRACKERMount Charles Band
01.04.2015SOME ENCHANTED EVENINGThe songs of Rodgers & HammersteinKidz R Us
06.04.2015LEGALLY BLONDE : THE MUSICALmusic & lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe & Neil Benjamin, book by Heather HachThe British Theatre Academy
25.04.2015A CHORAL SPECTACULARLocal ChoirsCornwall Community Chois
30.04.2015BLUE APPLE'S 'MUCH ADO'William ShakespeareBlue Apple Theatre
04.05.2015ONE FINE DAYPuccini highlightsDuchy Opera
06.05.2015LIFE OF RILEYAlan AyckbournSevenstones Theatre
09.05.2015THE DODGE BROTHERSConcert
12.05.2015KERNOW KINGComedyThe Gig Cartel
13.05.2015PORT ISAAC'S FISHERMAN'S FRIENDSConcertThe Gig Cartel
15.05.2015MIDGE UREConcertThe Gig Cartel
16.05.2015DIFFORD & TILBROOKConcertThe Gig Cartel
18.05.2015CIDER WITH ROSIELaurie Lee, adapted by Nick DarkeTrebiggan Productions
25.05.2015CAROUSELRodgers & HammersteinBROS Theatre Company
01.06.2015THE SEAGULLAnton Chekhov, adapted by Chris ChambersAnother Way Theatre Company
06.06.2015THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICEOliver GrayIllyria
15.06.2015FRIENDS OF NARCISSUSdevised by the studentsRoyal Central School of Speech & Drama
22.06.2015SHE STOOPS TO CONQUEROliver GoldsmithThe Questors Theatre
29.06.2015THE MAGNIFICENT THREEBill ScottMiracle Theatre
06.07.2015A CHORUS OF DISAPPROVALAlan AyckbournGlobal Theatre Company
13.07.2015CARMENGeorges BizetNew Cornwall Opera
20.07.2015A LADY OF LITTLE SENSELope de Vega, translated by David JohnstoneJanus Theatre Company
27.07.2015A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUMStephen Sondheim, Burt Shevelove & Larry GelbartTruro A.O.D.S.
03.08.2015THE GRAPES OF WRATHJohn Steinbeck, adapted by Frank GalatiiShattered Windscreen Theatre Company
10.08.2015THE LION, THE WITCH & THE WARDROBEC.S. Lewis, adapted by Glynn RobbinsNext Stage Theatre Company
17.08.2015KING LEARWilliam ShakespeareWinchester Players
24.08.2015JACK THE RIPPERRon Pember & Denis de MarneRomsey A.O.D.S.
31.08.2015THE LADYKILLERSGraham LinehanIlkley Playhouse
07.09.2015THE SORCERERW.S. Gilbert & A. SullivanCambridge University G. & S. Society
16.09.2015MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHINGWilliam ShakespeareShakespeare's Globe On Tour
23.09,2015THE RISE AND FALL OF MAGBETHMike Sagar-FentonThe Belerion Players
26.09.2015PROMS AT MINACKMount Charles Band
07.10.2015BEN FOGLESpeakers From The Edge
15.03.2016MARK BEAUMONTSpeakers From The Edge
29.03.2016THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER'S LUNCHDavid Wood, based on the book by Ronda & David ArmitageMinack Youth Theatre
04.04.2016OLIVERLionel Bart, based on the novel by Charles DickensAct Now Entertainment
16.04.2016I CAPULETI E I MONTECCHIVincenzo BelliniPop Up Opera
23.04.2016IN TUNE CHOIRConcertInTune Choir
29.04.2016THE MOUSEHOLE CATAntonia Barber, adapted by Alan M. KentThe Dream Team
04.05.2016SHOW OF HANDSConcert
05.05.2016SETH LAKEMANConcert
06.05.2016SIMON & GARFUNKEL by BookendsConcertBookends
07.05.2016MAGIC OF THE MOVIESSong & Dance eventLockwood Urban Dance & Theatre School
08.05.2016THE THREE BELLES & FRIENDSConcertThe Three Belles
11.05.2016LADY WINDERMERE'S FANOscar WildeSevenstones Theatre
15.05.2016ROCHE BRASSConcert
21.05.2016FLEETWOOD BACConcert
23.05.2016THE ZIG ZAG WAYAnita Desai, adapted by Pauline SheppardTrebiggan Productions
30.5.2016SOUTH PACIFICRichard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein IIRedruth A.O.D.S
06.06.2016AS YOU LIKE ITWilliam ShakespeareOVO
13.06.2016ROCKET GIRLDevised by the studentsRoyal Central School Of Speech & Drama
20.06.2016DANNY, THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLDRoald Dahl, adapted by David WoodIllyria
27.06.2016OUR TOWNThornton WilderThe Sandisfield Players
04.07.2016LIFE'S A DREAMPedro Calderón de la Barca, adapted by Bill ScottMiracle Theatre
11.07.2016THE WINTER'S TALEWilliam ShakespeareMoving Stories
18.07.2016A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAMBenjamin BrittenSurrey Opera
25.07.2016THE TITFIELD THUNDERBOLTT.E.B. Clarke, adapted by Philip GouldingNewport Playgoers
01.08.2016THE SHAUGHRAUNDion BoucicaultStamford Shoestring
08.08.2016NICHOLAS NICKLEBYCharles Dickens, adapted by David EdgarThe Hertfordshire Players
15.08.2016THE CLOCKMAKER'S DAUGHTERMichael Webborn & Daniel FinnThe Mitre Players
22.08.2016THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSORWilliam ShakespeareGuildburys Theatre Company
29.08.2016THE RETURN OF THE MARIONETTESPhilip & Peter Ley with Colin Guthrie & Ruth SullivanThe Tower Theatre
05.09.2016FRANKENSTEINMary Shelley, adapted by Nick DearBrighton Little Theatre
12.09.2016THE CRUCIBLEArthur Millercube essential theatre
19.09.2016THE MIKADOW.S. Gilbert & A SullivanCambridge University G. & S. Society
26.09.2016J.M. BarrieScary Little Girls
01.10.2016PROMS AT MINACKMount Charles Band
29.03.2017THE CAUSCASIAN CHALK CIRCLEBertolt BrechtCornwall Youth Theatre
04.04.2017GOODNIGHT MISTER TOMMichelle Magorian, adapted by David WoodThe Minack Company
15.04.2017BEST OF BRITISHA tribute to Dame Vera LynnThe British Theatre Academy & Minack Youth Theatre
27.04.2017FLOWNPirates Of The Carabina
30.04.2017CORNWALL INTERNATIONAL MALE VOICE CHOIR FESTIVALG.V. Harmonie 1879 Bernbach e.V (Germany) & Bromley Boys Singers
04.05,2017SETH LAKEMANConcertSeth Lakeman
10.05.2017THE VICAR OF DIBLEYIan Gower & Paul CarpenterSeven Stones Theatre
22.05.2017UNDER MILK WOODDylan ThomasTheatr Silures
29.05.2017DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELSJeffrey Lane & David YazbekBROS Theatre Company
05.06.2017TRISTAN & YSEULTEmma Rice, Anna Maria Murphy & Carl GroseKneehigh Theatre
12.06.2017PRIDE & PREJUDICEJane AustenIllyria
13.06.2017THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHESHans Christian AndersonIllyria
26.06.2017THE THIRD POLICEMANFlann O'Brien, adapted by Bill Scott, Meiert Avis & Robert Bayley Miracle Theatre
03.07.2017LA TRAVIATAGiuseppe VerdiDuchy Opera
10.07.2017NELL GWYNNJessica SwaleThe Miller Centre Theatre Company
17.07.2017BIRDSONGSebastian Faulks, adapted by Rachel WagstaffNext Stage Theatre Company
24.07.2017KISS ME KATECole Porter, Samuel & Bella SpewackIlkley Playhouse
31.07.2017THE WICKED LADYMagdalen King-Hall, adapted by Bryony LaveryShattered Windscreen Theatre Company
07.08.2017TREASURE ISLANDRobert Louis Stevenson, adapted by Ken LudwigGeoffrey Whitworth Theatre
14.08.2017THE COMEDY OF ERRORSWilliam ShakespeareDerby Shakespeare Theatre Company
21.08.2017TWELFTH NIGHTWilliam ShakespeareWinchester Players
28.08.2017GYPSYJule Styne, Arthur Laurents, Stephen SondheimThe British Theatre Academy
04.09.2017THE COUNTRY WIFEWilliam WycherleyThe Questors Theatre
11.09.2017CYRANO DE BERGERACEdmond Rostand, adapted by Glynn MaxwellTheatre In The Square
18.09.2017PATIENCEW.S. Gilbert & A. SullivanCambridge University G. & S. Society
26.09.2017HANSEL & GRETELEngelbert HumperdinckPop-Up Opera
30.09.2017PROMS 2017Mount Charles Band
05.10.2017OPEN AIR CINEMAFilm: Jamaica InnCompass Presents
28.03.2018THE RIOTNick DarkeCornwall Youth Theatre
03.04.2018THE RAILWAY CHILDRENE. Nesbit, adapted by Dave SimpsonThe Minack Company
19.04.2018HENRY IV (Part 1)William ShakespeareCarnon Downs Drama Group
25.04.2018AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYSJules Verne, adapted by Laura EasonSevn Stones Theatre
29.04.2018ROCHE BRASSConcert
01.05.2018PALS!Jason GerdesNorth South Theatre
04.05.201813: THE MUSICALJason Robert Brown, Dale Elish & Robert HornThe British Theatre Academy & Minack Youth Theatre
09.05.2018THE 25th ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEEWilliam Finn & Rachel SheinkinStill Stage Struck Theatre Company
13.05.2018CARMEN & MIMIConcert
15.05.2018PRAYING FOR THE RAINConcert
17.05.2018SCOTT MATTHEWSConcert
18.05.2018SHOW OF HANDSConcert
21.05.2018BEFORE I WAKERebecca MordenScary Little Girls & Minack Youth Theatre
28.05.2018JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTARTim Rice & Andrew Lloyd WebberRedruth Amateur Operatic Society (Trust)
04.06.2018HAMLETWilliam ShakespeareAnother Way Theatre
11.06.2018THE ADVENTURES OF DOCTOR DOLITTLEHugh Lofting, adapted by Oliver GrayIllyria
18.06.2018JOURNEY'S ENDR.C. Sherriffcube essential theatre
25.06.2018SENSE & SENSIBILITYJane Austen, adapted by Jessica SwaleJanus Theatre Company
02.07.2018THE CHERRY ORCHARDAnton ChekhovMiracle Theatre
09.07.2018ON THE RAZZLETom StoppardNewport Playgoers Society
16.07.2018CANDIDELeonard Bernstein & Hugh WheelerSurrey Opera
23.07.2018A SERVANT TO TWO MASTERSCarlo Goldoni, adapted by Lee HallGlobal Theatre Company
30.07.2018ALICELewis Carroll, adapted by Laura WadeThe Hertfordshire Players
06.08.2018SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREETStephen Sondheim & Hugh WheelerThe Barnstormers
13.08.2018WOLF HALLHilary Mantel, adapted by Mike PoultonThe Tower Theatre
20.08.2018ME & MY GIRLL. Arthur Rose, Douglas Furber, Noel Gay, Mike Ockrent & Stephen FryThe Mitre Players
27.08.2018MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHINGWilliam ShakespeareOVO
03.09.2018PARTY PIECERichard HarrisRomsey A.O.D.S.
10.09.2018THIRD LIGHTSimon ParkerScryfa & Minack
17.09.2018THE PIRATES OF PENZANCEW.S. Gilbert & A. SullivanCambridge G. & S. Society
24.09.2018CHICAGOJohn Kander & Fred EbbThe British Theatre Academy
05.10.2018OPEN AIR CINEMACompass Presents
29.04.2019THE WIND IN THE WILLOWSKenneth Graham, adapted by Alan BennettCornwall youth Theatre Company
09.04.2019THE SECRET GARDENFrances Hodgson Burnett, adapted by Jessica SwaleA Minack Production
20.04.2019WHISTLE DOWN THE WINDMusic by Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics by Jim SteinmanHelston Theatre Company
24.04.2019THE VICAR OF DIBLEY - THE SECOND COMINGAdapted by ian Gower & Paul CarpenterSeven Stones Theatre Company
27.04.2019ST. PINNOCK BAND
08.05.2019SETH LAKEMAN
16.05.2019DAVID FORD
17.05.2019SHOW OF HANDS
20.05.2019DICK BARTONPhil WilmottTheatre Silures
27.05.2019SISTER ACTMusic by Alan Menken, lyrics by Glenn Slater, Book by Cheri & Bill SteinkellnerBROS Theatre Company
03.06.2019ALL'S WELL THAT ENDSS WELLWilliam ShakespeareHeady Contact Theatre Company
10.06.2019A SWELL PARTYMusic & lyrics by Cole PorterSEDOS
17.06.2019ALI BABA AND THE FORTY THIEVESfrom Arabian NightsIllyria
24.06.2019PERICLESWilliam ShakespeareShakespeare's Globe on Tour
01.07.2019A PERFECT WORLDBill Scott & Tom AdamsMiracle Theatre Company
08.07.2019VERDI'S MACBETHGuiseppe Verdi, translation by Andrew PorterDuchy Opera
15.07.2019THE ROSES OF EYAMDon TaylorStamford Shoestring Theatre
22.07.2019ROMEO AND JULIETWilliam ShakespeareMoving Stories
29.07.2019GREAT EXPECTATIONSCharles DickensNext Stage
05.08.2019I, DON QUIXOTEDale WassermanShattered Windscreen Theatre Company
12.08.2019SUNSET BOULEVARDAndrew Lloyd WebberBritish Theatre Academy
19.08.2019BLUE STOCKINGSJessica SwaleIlkley Playhouse
26.08.2019THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTORNikolai Gogol, adpt Alistair BeatonThe Guildburys
02.09.2019THE MILL ON THE FLOSSAdapted from George Eliot's novel by Helen Edmundson with original music by Michael JamesBrighton Little Theatre
09.09.2019ORFEOMonteverdi, adopted by Patrick BaileyA Minack Production
10.09.2019STONES IN HIS POCKETSMarie JonesA Minack Production
23.09.2019PRINCESS IDAW.S. Gilbert & A. SullivanCambridge University G. and S. Society
28.09.2019PROMS AT MINACKMount Charles Band & Friends
01.10.2019THIS PRECIOUS EARTHJonathan BielbyJonathan Bielby & Friends
02.10.2019REBECCAAlfred HitchcockOpen Air Cinema
03.10.2019JAWSStephen SpielbergOpen Air Cinema
22.07.2020GREAT EXPECTATIONSCharles Dickens, adapted by Andrew McPhersonDave Mynne
29.07.2020THE SOLDIER'S TALEIgor Stravinsky & CF RamuzA Minack Production
31.07.2020THE STRONGMANBash Street Theatre
05.08.2020STONES IN HIS POCKETSMarie JonesA Minack Production
18.08.2020WILLY RUSSELL'S EDUCATING RITAWilly RussellThe Great British Comedy
24.08.2020A NIGHT AT THE MUSICALSAlistair Brammer
31.08.2020RUTH WALL
02.09.2020MISCHIEF MOVIE NIGHTImprovisedMischief
09.09.2020OH MARY!Bec Applebee
13.09.2020SETH LAKEMAN
15.09.2020THE LAST FIVE YEARSJason Robert BrownBrilliant Theatre Arts
22.09.2020THE WIND IN THE WILLOWSKenneth Graham adapted by Oliver GrayIllyria
02.10.2020KERNOW KING
07.10.2020DARK STORIESKrill
14.10.2020LOVEPLAYMoira BuffetHa-Hum-Ah Theatre
21.12.2020A CHRISTMAS CAROLCharles Dickens and adapted by Andrew McPhersonDave Mynne
28.05.2021SHOW OF HANDS
25.06.2021AND THEN CAME THE NIGHTJARSBea RobertsA Minack Production
04.06.2021THE PISKIE IN THE GARDENJohn Brolly
04.06.2021RUTH WALL
06.06.2021THE CAMERAMANBash Street Theatre
13.06.2021THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF DR DOLITTLEHugh Lofting, adptd. by Oliver GrayIllyria
18.06.2021FEMMES DE LA MER
20.06.2021TELL ME ON A SUNDAYAndrew Lloyd Webber & Don BlackHelston Theatre Company
28.10.2021CANTERBURY TALESGeoffrey ChaucerDave Mynne
04.07.2021STARCRAZYBill ScottMiracle Theatre
09.07.2021THE OGGYMEN
10.07.2021BEAUTY AND THE BEASTLiving Spit
13.07.2021OCEAN WORLDPeter Rose & Ann ConlonA Minack Production
18.07.2021THE WINTER'S TALEWilliam ShakespeareOVO
01.08.2021CHARLIE AND STANPaul HunterTold by an Idiot
16.08.2021OUR HOUSETim Firth, music & lyrics by MadnessThe Mitre Players
24.08.2021THE WOLVES OF WILLOUGHBY CHASEJoan Aiken, adptd. by Russ TunneyA Minack Production
06.09.2021MISCHIEF MOVIE NIGHTImprovisedMischief
10.09.20213 DAFT MONKEYS
12.09.2021THE 39 STEPSJohn Buchan, adptd. by Patrick BarlowShattered Windscreen
17.09.2021SETH LAKEMAN
20.09.2021HMS PINAFOREW.S. Gilbert & A. SullivanCambridge University G. and S. Society
26.09.2021A NIGHT IN NOVEMBERMarie JonesSodabread Theatre
10.10.2021THE BEAUTY QUEEN OF LEENANEMartin McDonaghA Minack Production
29.10.2021THE KISS THAT MISSEDDavid Melling, adapted by John BrollyA Minack Production
10.12.2021TWISTED CHRISTMASOwdyado
20.12.2021A CHRISTMAS CAROLDave Mynne
16.03.2022SUPERSTITION MOUNTAINCarl GroseHa Hum Ah & The Minack Theatre
10.04.2022HETTY FEATHERadpt. from Jacqueline Wilson's book by Emma ReevesA Minack Production
23.04.2022RUSSELL BRAND:33
25.04.2022SWIMLiz Robertson
01.05.2022CALVINO NIGHTSMike Shepherd In Cahoots with the Minack Theatre & imPOSSIBLE Producing
20.05.2022SEA DREAMScurated by Kirsteen McNish and the Minack Theatre
23.05.2022TWELFTH NIGHTWilliam ShakespeareCarnon Downs Drama Group
27.05.2022SHOW OF HANDSwith guest's TRACK DOGS
29.05.2022CAROUSELRodgers & HammersteinRedruth AOS Trust
JANE EYRECharlotte Brontë, adapted for the stage by Polly TealeAnother Way Theatre
20.06.2022THE ODYSSEYDavid Mynne
21.06.2022THE FIREWORK MAKER'S DAUGHTERBased on the novel by Philip Pullman. Music by David Bruce; Libretto by Glyn Maxwell.A Minack Production with Tête à Tête
28.06.2022ONE SMALL BIRDKate Stilitz & Jilly JarmanA Minack Production with Cornwall Music Service Trust
04.07.2022VANITY FAIRby Kate Hamill, based on the novel by William Makepeace ThackerayNewport Playgoers
08.07.2022FACADE: MUSIC FOR A SUMMER'S NIGHTCornish Sinfonia
11.07.2022DON GIOVANNIWolfgang Amadeus MozartSurrey Opera
16.07.2022SALTLINESGigspanner Big Band and Raynor Winn
17.07.2022THE PIRATES OF PENZANCEWS Gilbert & Sir Arthur SullivanIllyria
25.07.2022DAVID COPPERFIELDCharles Dickens adpt. Alastair CordingThe Miller Centre Theatre Company
29.07.2022SONGS UNDER THE STARSDaniel Boys, Daisy Boyles and MMTA
01.08.2022LITTLE WOMENA musical based on the novel by Louisa May AlcottBritish Theatre Academy
07.08.2022THE SCARLET PIMPERNELBaroness Orczy adpt. Beverley CrossGeoffrey Whitworth Theatre
12.08.2022THE OGGYMENwith Will Keating
14.08.2022THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSORWilliam ShakespeareDerby Shakespeare Theatre Company
21.08.2022THE TEMPESTWilliam ShakespeareHertfordshire Players
28.08.2022CORAM BOYadptd. by Helen Edmundson based on the novel by Jamila GavinThe Tower Theatre
02.09.2022LESKYN KERNOWCornwall's Big Band
05.09.2022CRANFORDby Elizabeth Gaskell, adpt. Robert AldermanTheatre in the Square
09.09.2022AN EVENING WITH MOLLYMolly Hocking
11.09.2022A ROOM WITH A VIEWby E.M.Forster, adapted for the stage by Ben OldfieldBodkin Theatre Company
17.09.2022THE PROMS AT MINACKMount Charles Band
22.09.2022PRIDE AND PREJUDICE (SORT OF)by Isobel McArthur after Jane AustenDavid Pugh Productions
11.10.2022SUPERSTITION MOUNTAINHa Hum Ah & The Minack
22.10.2022HORRIBLE HISTORIES - TERRIBLE TUDORSBirmingham Stage Company
28.10.2022MOANA JR Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa‘i & Mark MancinaMinack Education project in partnership with the British Theatre Academy
13.12.2022BLUE MOON
28.03.2023THE MASSIVE TRAGEDY OF MADAME BOVARYby Gustave Flaubert, lovingly derailed by John NicholsonHa Hum Ah & The Minack
02.04.2023GIANTSby John Brolly and Ben SutcliffeA Minack Theatre production
30.04.2023FURTHER THAN THE FURTHEST THINGby Zinnie HarrisA Minack Theatre production
07.05.2023ONE MAN AND HIS COWLiving Spit
14.05.2023THE BATTLING BUTLERSBash Street Theatre
19.05.2023THIS IS THE KITpresented by The Cornish Bank
23.05.2023SHAKE IT UPThe Improvised Shakespeare Show
26.05.2023SIMON & GARFUNKEL THROUGH THE YEARSpresented by Seventh Avenue Arts
29.05.2023KIPPSBeverley Cross,David Heneker, Julian Fellowes, George Stiles and Anthony DreweBROS Theatre Company
07.06.2023CALVINO NIGHTSinspired by the folktales of Italo Calvinopresented by Mike Shepherd & The Minack Theatre
16.06.2023THE LONDON BULGARIAN CHOIR & THE TURBANSpresented by The Cornish Bank
26.06.2023GLASSWORKSPhilip Glasspresented by Kevos and Cheap Date
30.06.2023BRASS SPECTACULARCamborne Town Band
03.07.2023MEASURE FOR MEASUREWilliam ShakespeareMoving Stories
07.07.2023SETH LAKEMAN
10.07.2023LULLABY OF THE TIDESJan Stroudpresented by the Minack Theatre and Cornwall Music Service Trust
12.07.2023ANTIGONEby Sophocles translated by Don TaylorThe Minack Theatre Acting Academy
15.07.2023STARS ON THE CLIFFSIDEThe Minack Musical Theatre Academy
16.07.2023TWELFTH NIGHTWilliam ShakespeareIllyria
24.07.2023BLITHE SPIRITNoël CowardIlkley Playhouse
28.07.2023LESKYN KERNOWCornwall's Big Band
30.07.2023CAPTAIN CORELLI'S MANDOLINLouis de Bernières, adapted for the stage by Rona MunroShattered Windscreen Theatre Company
04.08.2023THE WINNER TAKES IT ALLThe Crick Crack Club
06.08.2023A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRETennessee WilliamsNext Stage Theatre Company
11.08.2023THE BREATH
14.08.2023EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE: TEEN EDITIONTom Macrae, Dan Gillespie Sells from an idea by Jonathan Butterell. The British Theatre Academy
18.08.202313: THE MUSICALJason Robert Brown, Dane Elish and Robert HornBritish Theatre Academy, Manchester Musical Youth and the Minack Theatre
22.08.2023TOM'S MIDNIGHT GARDENadapted by David Wood from the novel by Philippa PearceA Minack Theatre Production
25.08.2023SARAH McQUAID
04.09.2023EVITAlyrics by Tim Rice; music by Andrew Lloyd WebberHelston Theatre Company
11.09.2023THE THREEPENNY OPERABertolt Brecht and Kurt WeillOVO
20.09.2023FUPSimon Harveyo-region and The Minack Theatre
22.09.2023GWENNOsupport from Daisy Rickman
29.09.2023FEMMES DE LA MER
06.10.2023PROMS AT THE MINACKThe Band of His Majesty’s Royal Marines Plymouth
18.10.2023TRESarah Connorso-region
27.10.2023MADAGASCAR Jnr.Kevin Del Aguila,
George Noriega and Joel Someillan
British Theatre Academy and the Minack Theatre
17.12.2023PENDEEN SILVER BANDChritmas Concert
21.12.2023A CHRISTMAS CAROLCharles DickensDavid Mynne